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Eco-friendly cards

If you are looking for environmentally friendly cards - we have something for you! Click here and check our products made of special ecological material.

Gift cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular, especially during the holiday season. Those cards available in your store will make it easier for customers to choose the right gift for their loved ones. CLICK!

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are mostly used in loyalty programs by which the seller establishes long-term relationships with customers thereby building their competitive position in the chosen market. CLICK!

Identity cards

Our company offers printing many types of laminated plastic identity cards like worker id cards, teacher id cards, student id cards and other passes. CLICK!

City and family cards

More often citizens come accross city cards which allow them use a system of facilities in the form of cheaperpublic transport tickets, discounts for cultural institutions and sports facilities as well as many other promotions. CLICK!

Business cards

Business card is the promotion of your company. The image of your enterprise and brand depends on the look and quality of your card. We will be more than happy to create an unique business card that attract attention of your business partners. CLICK!

Access cards

Plastic cards equipped with a contactless module which is intended for automatic reading in electronic devices can find a place wherever it is required to identify its holder.

Other products

Check our other products. CLICK HERE!

We are the longest working factory of cards in Poland!

Based on many years of our experience in the plastic card industry, we guarantee professional service of orders,

card production at the highest quality level and at the best possible time.


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Proud of the Family Business

Proud of the Family Business

We are happy to announce that we have received the title "Family Business", which emphasizes the way we operate on a daily basis. Being a family company, we declare stability and honesty, at the same time caring for traditions and relationships.

On 02.04 i 05.04.2021 we are closed

On 02.04 i 05.04.2021 we are closed

This year, Easter is going to be different than usual.

Hard and for many of us spent far away from our family and friends…

Let it be full of health, respect and responsibility for another person.

The company is therefore closed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We wish you Easter full of hope and peace.

We have produced