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Plastic cards are priced individually. The price depends on the ordered quantity of cards and the additional options. Contact us for pricing or fill the form.

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Remember when ordering more cards that the price of the card is substantially lower.

Basic info


Quantity of colours CMYK
CMYK is a set of four base colours of paints which are used in offset printing. If you don't know, how many colours your design consits of mark option 4/0 or 4/4.
Pantone (colour) Matching System (PMS) colour identification system developed by Pantone inc. from USA. The colors are marked with a number (eg. 2352), with additional designations such as fluorescence, metallicity etc.
Metallic silkscreen pearl, silver or gold
Metallic silkscreen will make your card glittering. Available colours: pearl, silver and gold.
Pantone - how many colours?

Additional options

Signature panel
Signature panel is a special transparent or white paint which is used to make a field where you can sign with a pen. Signature panel may have various shape and be located anywhere on the card.
Magnetic stripe
Magnetic stripe LoCo or HiCo is a tape, on which we can encode information. Reading of magnetic stripe takes place during swiping a plastic card through the reader.
Encoding of magnetic stripe
Magnetic stripe LoCo or HiCo consits of three tracks intended for encoding information. Each track has some limits regarding to quantity of characters. Contact us for more details.
Personalisation (thermal printing)
Personalisation is the additional print of variable data, eg. number, barcode, name etc. Default colour is black.
Embossing is a stamping on the characters with the help of mechanical fonts. Using this method the characters or words on the card have a convex shape.
Contactless module
A contactless chip is a chip with an antenna placed inside the card. The electronic circuitry of the module allows you to save and read information. We offer proximity cards with Unique, Mifare, Hitag and ATA chips. Each module has a name, eg. Unique 4100. If you do not know which module you should choose the please check a specifications of your reader or contact us. We can help!

Other additional options

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