Plastic cards with exotic options and custom personalization

Make your cards with a luxury look and feel. Add extra options, exotic functionalities and custom personalization to your cards. Metallic base, varnished finish, microprint, invisible UV print and so on.

A multitude of technological card printing capabilities that we offer, can make your cards much more functional and elegant than standard cards.

You can have your cards printed on on a transparent, colored or metallic base, with a varnished finish. Thanks to that they will have a unique and exclusive look.

Custom personalisation can be made with a number, photo, barcode or QR code.

They can be secured cards with microprint, invisible UV or IR print or add a hologram o them.

Magnetic stripe, memory chip, radio RFID or NFC module will make the card smart and programmable.

Like that is not enough, they can even be printed on an eco-friendly material, have holes, unusual shape, size and even a pleasant aroma!

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