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A barcode is the easiest way to encode information on a card. Information is encoded in the form of black lines of varying thickness.
The information contained in the code is read using a scanner / reader.

Are you looking for cards with a barcode? Below are some of our essential tips.

1.Which barcode to choose? The answer is simple, but it depends if you already have a scanner / reader. If you already have a code reader, please refer to its specifications. There you will find information about which codes are supported. Most modern readers can read virtually all popular barcodes and QR codes.

Plastic cards with a barcode or QR code

Plastic cards with a barcode or QR code

If you do not have your device yet, we suggest you use one of the most common barcodes on your cards:

code 128
code 39
ITF 2of5

2. You have already chosen a code and what next? How to prepare the base for card personalization?
Barcodes consist of a string of characters. This string of characters should go into one column in the spreadsheet (one after the other).
It is important to remember that some codes contain a certain number of characters, e.g. the EAN-13 code consists of 13 digits (you can assign 12 digits yourself, while the last, 13th digit is generated in our program thanks to a special algorithm).

Therefore, in the case of the EAN-13 code, the correct base for personalization should look like this:


If you want plastic cards to have random characters in the barcode, we can generate such a database with a guarantee that no code will be repeated.

3. How to prepare a graphic for a plastic card?

You probably already know our card design specification. Please know that it must be CMYK colors and contain bleeds. In addition, we ask you to separate a white field for the barcode in the card design so that it can be easily scanned. Minimum dimensions of fields for the barcode:

  • EAN-13 width 40 mm, min. 32 mm
  • EAN-8 width 28 mm, min. 22 mm
  • code-128 32 mm wide, min. 25 mm
  • code-39, width 46 mm, min. 36 mm
  • ITF 2z5 width min. 22 mm

The height for each code is 12 mm or more, min. 10 mm (the height can be freely changed, but if the height is low, the bar code may be too short in relation to the digits below the code).

For the code-128, the code-39 and ITF 2z5 you can accept any number of digits, remembering, however, that a long number extends the code.
The EAN-13 code has a fixed number of 12 digits (plus the thirteenth checksum calculated automatically) and the range should be entered in 12-digit form.
The EAN-8 code has a fixed length of 7 digits (plus the eighth checksum) and the range for it should be entered in 7-digit form.

EAN-13 and EAN-8 codes always have numbers under the bars,
while kod-128, kod-39, ITF 2z5 may have digits or only dashes without digits.

If you do not have a barcode reader or you do not know what barcode should be on your card, please contact us. We can help!

See also our gallery, which includes sample loyalty and gift cards with a barcode. Maybe one of the photos will inspire you to create your own unique card!