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Additional options

Aroma (e.g. coffee)

A smell is a special layer on the surface of the card which makes your card more attractive to Clients.

Aroma card can perform several functions, certainly it is ideally suited in the form of a loyalty card or business card. It is a perfect solution for perfumeries, cafes, health and beauty shops, herbalist's, florists, fresh juices shops and many other types of stores.


A smell is released gradually when rubbed by hand and keeps on the card up to one year (depending on the method of storage and use).

Currently, there are over 100 smells (flower, fruit, vegetables, wood, herbs and many others), including, for example, jasmine, lavender, rose, orange, strawberry, banana, acacia, pine, vanilla, mint, clove, honey, sponge cake, cola, sea breeze, coffee, popcorn, chocolate, caramel....


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