Aroma (e.g. coffee)

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Aroma (e.g. coffee)

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

A card with a smell can perform several functions, it will certainly be perfect as a loyalty card or an effective business card.

The scents that we use in our printing house are released gradually after rubbing the surface of the card with your hand and last up to a year (depending on the method of storage and use).

Moreover, it should be remembered that some aromas are not durable, while others show a much longer “life” than the time assumed by the manufacturer of the fragrance varnish.

When testing the scent of coffee, chocolate, orange and grass, we noticed that the coffee is much softer and not as aromatic as grass. All samples with the smell of grass, which we presented at the advertising fair for several years, still smell very intensely! On the other hand, cards with the smell of coffee, unfortunately, no longer fulfill their function due to the stale aroma. Perhaps it is the fault of choosing the wrong type of coffee, the next time you have to order a strong espresso instead of a well-foamed latte :).

When writing about the functions of plastic cards with smell, you cannot forget about sensory marketing. We mention it, among others, in this article on business cards with selective varnish.

Well, sense-based advertising has many benefits. The sense of smell is devoted to a separate sector called aroma marketing.

It is mainly associated with the emission of pleasant, soothing, relaxing fragrances in companies, shops and hotels. You definitely experience it more than once when shopping in clothing stores.

Aroma marketing and fragrance cards – an idea for your business

Did you know that the use of fragrance marketing increases, among others, attractiveness of the products sold (also subjectively increases their value)? It also encourages customers to stay in store longer, reduces the annoyance of queuing, and even reduces stress and fatigue.

And no wonder, after all, almost everyone uses their own aromatherapy at home: by turning on an aroma diffuser, lighting a favorite candle or spending time on a plot surrounded by flowers and lilacs.

So imagine a loyalty card covered in lavender scent will have several uses.

A business card with the scent of lavender builds trust - take it to a business meeting

First of all, it will contribute to more frequent purchases, which is motivated by, for example, collecting points for purchases. On the other hand, the moment of taking the card out of the case or wallet will be additionally pleasant, if at the same time the soothing aroma of a known flower is released, which according to research has relaxing properties. We also read that lavender increases confidence levels, so it’s especially useful in trade negotiations. Isn’t it a good idea for a business card with this fragrance? Think about it :).

If the lavender example doesn’t appeal to you, then nothing! Currently, over 100 fragrances are available (floral, fruit, vegetable, woody, herbal and many others), including, for example: jasmine, rose, orange, wild strawberry, banana, acacia, wood, pine, vanilla, mint, clove, honey, sponge cake, cola, sea breeze, coffee, popcorn, chocolate, caramel …

You will certainly find something for yourself. Already have an idea? Contact us. We will advise and support you in preparing the project for printing.

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