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Scented plastic cards

It is a unique way to distinguish and emphasize your brand and offerings. Cards with scent of coffee, flowers, fruit, and even chocolate! Scented plastic cards are a new option available in the production of plastic cards, made possible by advanced printing technologies.

Aroma marketing

We encounter the use of scent in marketing and sales every day as we walk down the street or stroll through a shopping mall. There’s the pizzeria with its wide-open entrance, the florists infusing the air with the scent of roses, and car showrooms spritzing the interior with a scent reminiscent of a new car. Bakeries, pastry shops, drugstores, and cafés – all enticing our sense of smell as companies attempt to lure us into trying their offerings. The utilization of aroma in marketing is so significant and widespread that it has given rise to an entire sector known as aroma marketing.

Its primary goal is often to create a pleasant atmosphere, leave a positive impression on the customer, encourage them to spend more time in the store, or even directly prompt them to make a purchase.

Scented plastic cards

The desire to distinguish the card in an original way in the customer’s wallet quickly reached the plastic cards industry. Adding aroma to plastic cards is possible thanks to special scented printing varnishes.

Cards covered with such varnish will make a positive impression on customers not only with their attractive appearance, but also with a pleasant smell, appropriately matched to your company’s offer.

The scent ‘imprinted’ on the card is released gradually when you rub the surface of the card with your fingers. The durability of the aroma, depending on how the card is stored and used, lasts for about a year. Not every fragrance is equally durable, a few exceptions show a much longer “life” than the time assumed by the varnish manufacturer. For example, after one year, the smell of coffee, chocolate or orange is no longer as intense as, for example, the smell of grass.

plastic card with the scent  of coffee

Available fragrances

Coffee scented customer cards for cafés. Loyalty cards with an orange scent for juice pubs. Chocolate-scented gift cards for a chain of sweet shops. Rubber-scented service cards for car repair shops. Rose-scented discount cards for a chain of flower shops. Among over a hundred available scents, you will surely find your aroma. Available fragrances fall into five main categories:

  • flowers (e.g., rose, lavender, jasmine)
  • vegetables and fruits (e.g., orange, lemon, raspberry)
  • trees and plants (birch, eucalyptus, grass)
  • herbs and spices (chamomile, cinnamon, mint)
  • and others (pizza, coffee, chocolate).

In our offer, you will find even such exotic scents as the aroma of gasoline, tobacco, popcorn, and the mentioned “new car smell”. Here, you can download the full list of available scents:

fragrance list - pdf

Available fragrances (pdf)