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Customized plastic snapp off card | 3 key chain tags

Three key tags in one card are nothing more than a plastic card divided by two notches into three equal parts,
creating a set of smaller cards to break off by yourself. Three key tags in one card are perfect solution for loyalty program.


All three key rings have the same format, i.e. approx. 28.5 × 54 mm.

Each key ring can have a 4 mm hole in the center or in the corner.

We can print barcodes on key tags (with the same value or variable on each element) – it depends on your choice.

Thanks to the use of a barcode, you can associate each key ring with a loyalty program and make a loyalty card out of a “3in1 card”.

If you have never ordered a card with three key rings from us, as a key ring manufacturer, please read our tips on how to properly prepare a project for printing.

Take a look at our specification here, then download the template at the bottom of this page.

Prepare a PDF file in CMYK with general graphics in the format 89 × 57 mm (rectangle).

Please also do not separate key rings with vertical lines, as the production allows shifts of up to 1.5 mm. This means that the printed vertical line separating one key ring from the other will certainly not coincide with the crease line, which will look very unsightly.

Also, be sure to keep an appropriate minimum space between the texts / logos and the buttonhole and cut lines.

All additional options, such as a barcode, selective varnish, metallic silkscreen should be placed in separate files (as a last resort on separate pages of the same PDF).

Three key tags snap off card
Three key tags snap off with barcode visualisation


Here the card with key rings is divided into 3 separate layers::

  • 1st layer: offset printing (CMYK)
  • 2nd layer: applying a barcode or other personalization (before lamination)
  • 3rd layer: lamination and punching
  • final effects (quality control, whether the product complies with the order documentation)


Snap-off key tags can be customized. Personalisation in snap-off tag cards is made under the lamination, so data will be protected for years! In addition we offer holes with metal rivets on request.

The plastic key tag can be glossy or matt laminated. You can read more about the types of lamination here.

In addition, we propose to make the “3-in-1” card more attractive, for example with a hologram, which will also protect the mini-cards against counterfeiting.

Due to the shape of the card and the cuts dividing the three key tags, there are some limitations, that is, it is not possible to use e.g.:

  • RFID proximity module
  • hot-stamping (covering the card with hot mirror foil)
  • data pressing (so-called embossing)
  • magnetic stripe (the magnetic key tag will not work if it breaks off)

If you plan to implement these types of cards in your company and need help, let us know. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.


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Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
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