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Additional options

Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)

Proximity cards (cards with contactless module) are cards containing a chip with an antenna inside the laminated cards.
Mounted transponder can exchange information with the transceiver using radio waves. Thanks to this proximity cards are not subject to mechanical damage, related to carrying out card reader (abrasion, scratching).

Proximity cards do not require an internal power source. Communication process precedes the loading phase of the transponder. Antenna transceiver - receiver emits an electromagnetic wave with a duration of 15 to 50 milliseconds. The accumulated energy in the transponder is used to convey information to the transceiver - receiver.

Time to transfer the information is up to 18 milliseconds.
Maximum distance between the card and a transmitter - receiver depends greatly on the type of application and in most cases the antenna reaches up to 8 cm.

Currently, the most commonly used are the following modules for proximity cards:

Unique 4100, specification:

  •  read only,
  • operating frequency: 125 kHz (low),
  • memory: 64 bits,
  • 64-bit unique serial number


Mifare Classic 1K, specification:

  • to read and write,
  • operating frequency: 13.56 MHz,
  • total memory: 1 Kb (high),
  • data coding,
  • user-definable access to each memory block,
  • the option of placing up to 16 different applications in the module,
  • unique serial number.


We offer also proximity cards with other modules: Mifare Desfire, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Plus, Hitag and ATA.



Simple in use and durable plastic cards with contactless chip are mostly common in access control systems and time and attendance.

Proximity cards are made regarding to ISO/EIC 14443.