round, oval, euro hole

card option – holes


Plastic cards with holes

Round, oval or euro-hole-shaped. The hole in the card allows you to hang the card on a lanyard or ball chain.

Cards with holes – applications and standards

Holes are most often made in cards for special purposes, e.g.:

  • employee ID
  • baggage tags
  • product ID / tag
  • mini card – keychain
  • loyalty card with two breakaway key rings
  • three key tags in one card.

With rare exceptions, card holes have standard sizes and shapes:

  • hole, diameter 4 mm
  • hole, diameter 5 mm
  • oval hole 14×3 mm
  • eurohole 32 x 9 x 6.5 mm

The holes are cut using special semi-automatic machines that guarantee that they are cut in the same place on each card and at an equal distance from the edge.

Cards with holes – technical aspects

Hole location:
When designing card graphics, e.g. a trade fair badge, remember to place the hole so that it does not overlap any important elements, e.g. logo or texts.

Distance from the edge
The upper edge of the hole should be no closer than 4 mm to the edge of the card. Punching a hole at a shorter distance often results in breaking the thin border as a result of, for example, pulling a card attached to the metal snap hook of a lanyard.

Cards connected with a rivet
We also make cards connected with rivet. By default, the rivet is made of metal and has an eyelet (hole).

accessories for plastic cards with holes

Additional accessories for badges

When you order ID badges or other cards with holes from us, you can also receive them along with the necessary accessories:

  • sublimation lanyards with a metal snap hook,
  • transparent holders with a hole, hard, soft, attached with clips, magnets or pins.
  • silicone loops, steel cables, luggage tag straps.

To make your card design easier, you can download card templates with popular holes below:

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