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Embossed business cards

Plastic business cards with embossed data may not be as popular as they used to be – at a time when,
credit cards were embossed with convex numbers. Currently, they are replaced more often by engraving in the card.

Do you know where they came from embossed plastic cards?

Many years ago, payment terminals were not as common at retail outlets or restaurants. When making a card payment, you had to make a copy of the card, reflecting it with carbon paper on the appropriate document.

So what speaks for leaving pressed data? The convex numbers primarily help blind or visually impaired people, but also have a decorative function.

Despite the crude font, embossed payment cards are still associated with prestige. Perhaps with the help of such a convex card shopping is more often made? Undoubtedly, sensory marketing, which we wrote about in the subject of business cards with convex varnish, may be of significance here (the article can be found here).

Okay, but how do you make business cards with embossing? Is there full freedom?

Imagine an old typewriter. Yes, there was something like that and it looked something like this 🙂

In such a machine there was a permanently built-in font set, which was located in a semicircle, centrally between two rolls of ribbon. The ribbon was, in turn, pressed against the paper in the middle by a typed letter, number or punctuation mark. The sheet of paper was inserted from the top, and it automatically moved from right to left when writing. Performing a spelling error was associated with the need to scratch the ink, e.g. with a razor blade or to use white paint (as in today’s corrector), then you had to roll back to the place of error and re-mark the necessary mark again.

There was also a version for people with weak nerves: tearing a piece of paper from the machine, crushing it into a ball, throwing it into a corner and starting writing on a new sheet.

In brief, we show you how a typical machine works, which performs stamping on plastic business cards. With the difference that our machine has two sets of fonts.

You also need to know that we currently have no way of enhancing your logo in this way. To this end, we recommend the use of, for example, selective varnish.

Embossed plastic business cards are usually embossed with personal data and a phone number: we can use two fonts: large and small, for letters and some punctuation marks we can use only one – small font.

Plastic business cards with embossed data

After the embossing process (for the record, pressing data on business cards) is followed by topping, i.e. applying on the protuberances of foil. Foils come in several colors, the most popular are gold, silver, black and white.

Data on a business card can be covered with only one color.

You can find more about embossing on this page.