Unique modules

type –access control


Contactless cards Unique EM 4100 125 kHz

We produce proximity cards with the Unique module intended for automatic reading in electronic devices.
They can be used wherever the owner’s identification is required. So they will work, among others in hotels, manufacturing companies,
gyms, laboratories, warehouses, fitness clubs, swimming pools, training centers.

The main examples can be access control systems for rooms or equipment, where only authorized persons have the right to be in certain rooms or use certain devices (computers, photocopiers, etc.), and to switch alarm systems on and off.

Another example is work time registration systems, requiring employees to register daily entry and exit from the workplace, which allows for increased control of the actual hours worked and appropriate salary regulation.

Unique EM 4100 module, specification:

  • read-only
  • operating frequency: 125 kHz (low)
  • memory: 64 bits
  • 64-bit unique serial number

Before ordering, we suggest testing our samples with the above module. The sample is free and will confirm compatibility with your system.

Specification of a standard proximity card:

material: white PVC

format: 86×54 mm (CR-80)

thickness: 0.76 mm (760 microns)

offset print, full CMYK color *

Unique EM 4100 proximity module (check other modules)

*CMYK – a palette of four basic colors used in offset printing: CyanMagentaYellowBlack.

Due to some weaknesses in the use of cards in access control systems (the ability to lose or make the card available to a third party), in cases of increased security, cards are used in combination with biometric identification methods (voice recognition, fingerprint, retina).