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Gift cards with barcode / numbering

A gift card with a printed barcode allows you to read data quickly and easily. Under the barcode is the numbering that corresponds to a specific customer in the system. Thanks to the use of a barcode on a plastic gift voucher, it is also possible to track the customer's purchase history, which allows you to prepare a dedicated offer on your next purchase.


The card is activated when the seller scans the card for the first time and enters the basic data into the system, for example the value of the gift card. In the case of an extensive IT system, the customer may be asked to provide simple data, such as name, phone number or e-mail, to inform by electronic means about the remaining funds on the card or to log in to the dedicated website of the online store to verify the account balance.


The simplest barcode for a gift card is the 128 code. This code is supported by most scanners and allows you to encode any numbers and characters. This could be e.g. the number 03A8!&Z00001. You can see the code visualization in the pictures below.

The first card has printed numbering from the code, while the next - has hidden numbering.


Gift card with 128 barcode and visible numberingKarta podarunkowa z kodem kreskowym 128 i ukrytą numeracją


It should be borne in mind that hidden numbering does not protect the card in a special way - it is a typical visual effect. Currently, anyone can install an application on their smartphone that reads barcodes and QR codes.


Therefore, the manufacturer of gift cards recommends using randomly generated numbering.

However, you should not print the number in ascending, descending or gradual order. This range of numbers is easy to detect, which may involve attempts to fake gift cards and enter them into circulation illegally.


For gift cards with a barcode, we also recommend carriers or packaging that will allow you to give the card as a gift without additional packaging. We are currently implementing almost any idea. The packaging for a gift card can have a special shape, e.g. a shoe (for a shoe store), clothes (for a clothing store), or even the shape of a gift with a ribbon (a neutral solution for all retail and service outlets).


When buying gift cards and carriers, we guarantee a confectioning service, for example sticking cards or inserting them into packaging.

Due to production time and price reduction, we recommend using two card corner notches in the packages. As a result, the customer does not bear the cost of gluing the card to the carrier.


An example of a carrier


A gift card with a carrier


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