gold, silver, pearl

type –busines cards


Gold – silver – pearl business cards

Did you know that your business cards can be made, for example, on a glitter base? If you value shine, sparkling look and you care about the “wow” effect, then read on!

In our printing house, we offer several colors of a special metallic paint with glitter particles. Printing with only metallic paint, e.g. in silver, looks more or less like in the visualization below.

Glitter background for plastic business cards

As you can see, it’s not a plain silver color like Metallic Pantone. This color can be closer to the metallic car body after tuning :).

Currently we have two shades of gold, two shades of silver and two shades of pearl. However, you need to know that silver and pearl colors are enough to obtain fine or strong gold. All you need to do is set the appropriate colors in brown tones in the print design to get golden business cards in the final result.

In addition, you can print with metallic paint only the elements you choose, so not the entire background, but only a logo or text that is important to you.

Business card with a logo covered with glitter paint

Metallic gold, silver or pearl look great under shiny but also matte lamination. However, it must be remembered that matte lamination slightly dims the metallic particles.

And how to prepare a design for a business card with a metallic or glitter logo base?

First of all, read our specification available here.

In addition to the PDF file of the business card itself for offset printing (CMYK colors, optional Pantone), you have to provide us with a separate design for metallic printing. Remember that what is ultimately glitter in the PDF file should be marked 100% K (black).

When designing, also take into account that there are some limitations in printing technology. For example, if you want your business card to be all silver, and your inscriptions and logos to be white, then we have to warn you. White elements will be difficult to see. It is necessary in this case to maintain the appropriate contrast.

See what it looks like in the example below:

Preparation of a design for metallic glitter printing on a plastic business card

If we add to this a file for offset printing (example with navy blue color). We will finally receive such a business card:

Files for offset printing for a business card + preview of the final effect

Even a small pattern that we fill with glitter color attracts attention. The glitter on your business card is like a ring with eternal diamonds – it shines, catches the eye and even delights. The business card determines the first impression. Think about it and take care of your image with us.