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Large family card / 3+ family card

The large family card (or “Family 3+” card) is part of the family-friendly policy of cities and municipalities.
Thanks to it, large families can benefit from a system of discounts, concessions and many qualifications in areas such as public transport, culture and entertainment, sport, recreation and leisure, gastronomy, shops and services.

The Big Family Card has many benefits. Among other things, it entitles to many discounts in public institutions and private institutions.

Due to the frequent questions we receive from customers, we want to share some tips on how to make such cards. We encourage you to read the content.

First of all, we never make individual large family cards for individuals. Sometimes we receive requests for a duplicate and despite our sincere willingness to help, we have to refuse.

Plastic family cards 3+ are ordered by territorial units: city and commune offices, it also happens that some shopping centers introduce loyalty cards addressed to large families. However, it should be remembered that despite similar names, this card only functions in the area indicated by the publisher.

The minimum order quantity is 200 pieces.

The graphic design is on the client side, and two sides of the card are available: obverse and reverse. At the beginning, we encourage you to read our technical specifications available here.

We are aware that preparing a project can be difficult, which is why we offer a graphic service.

In this case, please contact us.

The basic plastic family card has a format of 86×54 mm and rounded corners. In addition, on the back of the card there are empty spaces where you can print the data of family members or empty fields covered with a special coating that allows you to write with a pen or marker – this coating is the so-called signature stripe.

It looks something like this:

Plastic card large family example

Please remember that the design for the Family 3+ plastic card should be larger than the format after cutting. The program should specify the size 89×57 mm (rectangle).

How to prepare a file for printing - a plastic family card

If ultimately the name data on the card will be printed, please do not include it in the project for printing. Variable data will be printed in one of the last stages of production, after printing the plastic together.

Personalization of Family 3+ card

Personalization of Family 3+ cards cannot be done without preparing the appropriate database in a spreadsheet. It is not difficult, just remember to be consistent and indicate on the sheet exactly the number of lines that corresponds to the number of cards ordered.

An example of a database slice for personalizing a large family card

When completing the database and preparing the project, please remember to choose the right font for personalization (containing Polish characters) and to allocate sufficient space in the field for printing the name. To do this, find the longest line in the database and prepare a printable file based on it.

However, if you decide to leave the fields blank on the card, be sure to order a signature stripe that will allow you to later fill in the card owner’s details.

Prepare the required projects in PDF for this.

Design for plastic card Family 3+ with a signature stripe