hotel key cards

type –access control


Hotel key cards

Hotel cards have the function of an electronic key.

Cards integrated with the hotel system allow easy and quick access to rooms.

The use of a plastic equivalent of a metal key positively influences the hotel’s prestige. The card is lighter and can additionally contain useful for the guest information about the hotel (restaurant opening hours, Wi-Fi password, etc.)

The plastic hotel card allows you to:

  • easy and quick access to the room,
  • the ability to block the card / remove from the system,
  • easy storage (eg in the wallet),
  • the ability to re-encode information,
  • personalized appearance of the key card (in the hotel key project you can include important information about the hotel (address, telephone, etc.)

The hotel card is a carrier of information from the hotel system, so in order to operate it must be equipped with at least one of the following elements:

  • LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripe,
  • Unique, Mifare or other proximity chip,
  • contact chip.

A hotel card can become a great advertisement. Any additional options used on the plastic card have a positive effect on the image of the hotel.

The most common extras of a hotel card are:

  • convex logo with selective varnish,3
  • a signature field (for example to enter a room number),
  • printing a room number with a thermal print,
  • metallic / glittering pearl, silver or gold background,
  • paper case / carrier.

Before placing an order, please make sure that our hotel cards will work with your system. It is common that the system provider encrypts the cards, blocking the possibility of ordering them from a manufacturer like us.