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Student ID cards - an offer for education

Any modern educational place, like for example a school, college or even kindergarten, should consider introducing electronical badges / identification cards. Thanks to this, security increases and the risk of intrusion in the premises of unauthorized persons decreases.


Our plastic identification cards fulfill the function of student cards and can also be a key, if the facility has a system with electronic locks. Then we can make so-called proximity cards, i.e. those that have an RFID chip hidden in the card.


The plastic student badge then has basic data, such as:
• student's name and surname
• numbering
• photo of the student


And it can also be equipped with the following additional options:
• blank spaces for stickers / holograms with a year
• empty spaces covered with a special layer on which you can enter the year with a pen or marker.


In addition, it is recommended that the design of the card use anti-counterfeiting, such as guilloche, microprint and / or ultra-violet visible print. Bearing in mind that the more complex the design is, the better the plastic ID is secured.


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