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Library cards

I borrow, I read, I return – it is easier to read with the library card.

Although the assortment of libraries still remembers the times of our grandparents,
it is a way to borrow books and become part of new technologies.
Do you already use a portable library card?

The library in the image of many of us is a picture of majestic columns of books, dust on thick volumes from decades ago and suspiciously looking librarian, who had eyes on each side of the head and without looking was able to tell where to go for the dream copy. Later it was necessary to give your name and surname, write the number of individual items clearly on the paper, and remember to give back on time – otherwise the percentage of the penalty for non-return increased, increased and increased… .

How to rent it easier, faster and more efficiently – means plastic cards.

With the development of technology, the new system of verification and monitoring of readers’ activities has also reached libraries. It simplified old customs in a functional, convenient and easy to use way. Currently, it is enough to have a small, neat plastic card, which is usually assumed at the first visit to the facility, where they suggest how to fill out a simple form. Depending on the regulations used by the library, such a library card can be created only with the use of personal data (personalised library card), but sometimes additional verification is required. Sometimes you also get a picture on the spot, so it’s important to look elegant at the library when going there.

Oops, I forgot to give the book back!

Unwanted accidents in the use of cards happen to each of us. What if it was lost? Destroyed? Sucked into to the vacuum cleaner, and the owner does not know about it? Easy, most of such accidents are set by the regulations and it is usually enough to make another library card. User loans, the number of books and the sum of arrears are still in the system, and only one should create another card. Such events are commonplace, which is why more and more establishments decide, for example, on ecological material when ordering mass quantities of cards.

Let’s hope that the ease of using libraries with the help of plastic cards of the reader will make that there will be more enthusiasts to read books among Poles, and the 63% who have not read any, will look at one.