tickets / badges / passes

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Season tickets / badges / passes

Practical and convenient tickets in the form of plastic cards are the most commonly used solution today,
among others in public transport, museums, theaters, cinemas.

The most common solution for monthly tickets in aglomerations and larger cities are proximity cards based on the Mifare RFID module, which are also compliant with the ISO/IEC 14443 standard.

Season tickets in the form of proximity cards are an advanced option that needs additional equipment (readers, machines) and software. However, it should be remembered that electronic city cards are usually integrated, which means that they can also be student IDs.

Another idea for city cards is to use an adhesive sticker and a special box called the signature stripe / writing panel. This combination allows you to manually enter user data, place his paper photo and seal with protective film.

Plastic city ticket with sticker

These cards appear as “one-off” 24-, 48-, 72- and even 120-hour tourist cards entitling them to many discounts and being admissions to designated cultural institutions.

For all tickets and city cards, it is recommended to use additional security features, e.g. hologram, guilloche, microprint or UV-visible printing.