spot uv varnish

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Spot UV varnish business cards

In our printing house, we offer several colors of a special metallic paint with glitter particles. Printing with only metallic paint, e.g. in silver, looks more or less like in the visualization below.

Perhaps you have already come across sensory marketing. It is based on the use of our senses in advertising, communication with the client: mainly touch, sight and hearing.

With the help of, for example, touch, we are able to arouse positive emotions in 2/3 of our clients. What does it mean?

Imagine that you give your potential strategic client a business card that is no different from the standard ones available on the market. Okay, it has rounded corners, let’s say a matte finish, but otherwise nothing special about it. What happens next? Probably your client will thank you, watch it and return his (because this is what business savoir-vivre dictates).

What if, in addition to the matte finish, you are tempted to decorate your logo with a selective varnish that sticks out from the surface? Or maybe you decide to decorate the entire business card with a honeycomb or carbon pattern. Imagine what your client will say when he feels an interesting and pleasant to the touch pattern under his fingers.

Plastic business card with selective varnish - honeycomb

Think that by arousing interest at the beginning of negotiations, it is much easier to conduct conversations and a potential client can listen to you more carefully.

So how do you design a business card with a selective varnish?

First of all, be sure to read our card design specification (available here).

In short: create a separate PDF file for the project’s offset (CMYK colors, optional Pantone) and a second file for the spot varnish, which is to be composed only of 100% black paint.

Below is an example:

How to design a business card with a selective varnish?

Remember that when designing a business card with selective varnish, it must be consistent with the message / profession of your company. If you sell luxury cars, paint an outline of e.g. the latest car model.

If you don’t have the head to design, we recommend that you take advantage of the long-standing trend and leave the obverse in a uniform color, add a logo and refine it with varnish. The second page should contain all the necessary details to contact you.

Such a procedure will make the new plastic business card functional, legible and, above all, professional. The use of selective varnish on the company’s logo in the business card will make the customer remember you for longer and it will be easier for him to find the business card of his future supplier.

A good solution will also be to put a QR code linking to the website or containing contact details (thanks to this, the customer will quickly add you to the address book on your smartphone).