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Transparent business cards

If you are looking for a business card that will be unique, standing out from all the other most common ones,
be sure to consider choosing a transparent material

Remember the last time you saw such transparent business cards? Exactly! This is a good time to change your existing business cards to new ones.

With us, you will correctly prepare the project for printing and find out what options are needed and required so that the end result is fully satisfactory.

First of all, remember that a transparent material causes the colors to lose their intensity, which is completely normal. White overprint may be a rescue here, but you need to know that not every project is possible in this way.

In the photo below you can find out for yourself by looking at the red hearts. On one side they are printed directly on transparent PVC, and on the other side – on a white background.

You can certainly see a delicate, but still difference in color saturation. Red on the white underprint appears more juicy.

Colors on a transparent business card - the difference between printing without a white background and with a white background

When designing a transparent business card with white, you need to know a bit about layer matching.

Well, the basic CMYK colors (also standard Pantone colors) are printed with offset, while the white color is applied with another machine – screen printing. This means that overlapping two layers at different production stages is associated with a possible shift within the project. Therefore, it is not always recommended to use a white background under the elements selected by the client – e.g. thin texts, logo details. To help you visualize this, have a look at the visualization below, which shows how white is gently sticking out from under the colored design elements.

Transparent business card with white overprint - visualization of matching layers

Another important thing is choosing the right lamination. As a manufacturer, we recommend that transparent plastic business cards have a matte finish in order to minimize the visibility of scratches on the card surface. The customer can choose between two versions: smooth and rough mat. You can read more about the types of business card lamination in this article.

Despite several technological limitations, interesting effects can be achieved anyway. For example, using an almost complete white print and leaving only a small part transparent, as done in this example:

An example of a business card printed almost entirely with the transparent element left

The above transparent business cards have a white background mostly in blue, which allows you to achieve an intriguing effect.

Transparent cards can also look great in combination with a glitter / metallic background:

An example of a transparent business card with a glitter metallic background

In the case of a card on transparent PVC, a large number of additional options are allowed: selective varnish, metallic base, hologram, hot-stamping, which allows for the production of unique transparent business cards.

Transparent plastic business cards can also be in another format, e.g. 60×60 mm.

If you need help with the preparation of the project or you want to have custom-made transparent business cards with individual guidelines, trust the manufacturer’s experience and contact us.