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Silk matte & rugged matte business cards

During the production of business cards, we have the option of choosing the method of laminating your cards.
Lamination protects the print, i.e. the design of the business card, from rubbing and fading

In the basic version of a plastic business card, we use glossy lamination. However, please know that there is also mat smooth lamination and mat rough lamination.

We will try to explain to you how these types differ and when they should be used.

1. Business cards with glossy lamination

This type of lamination is used, for example, when the design of the business card is colored. The glossy finish enhances and sharpens the colors. Sometimes it may seem as if the business card gets extra depth optically. We also recommend glossy lamination if you decided to use a glitter / metallic base – then particles of gold, silver or pearl sparkle strongly and clearly. More information about glitter business cards here.

Plastic business card with glossy lamination, silver backing, varnish and hot stamping

2. Business cards with smooth matt lamination

Smooth matte lamination is the second most common type of refinement. Use the mat mainly when the design of your business card is uniform, especially in dark colors. There is nothing more disappointing than glossy lamination black cards. Imagine all the scratches that will be visible after a few uses of a plastic card. The matte smooth finish of the business card will guarantee the protection of the design and a bit of exclusivity. In addition, a selective glossy varnish will look great on this type of lamination. You can find more about painting business cards by clicking here. However, remember that matte lamination absorbs light and dims colors, so we recommend a glossy finish for colorful graphic designs.

Both of the above types allow selective varnishing, sticking a hologram, hot-stamping and all other options that are made on the surface of the card.

Plastic business card with matte lamination, varnish and hotstamping

3. Business cards with coarse matte lamination

The last option of printing refinement is reserved primarily for business cards that do not need other decoration options made after the lamination stage, e.g. varnish or hot foil. These options are impossible to make due to the uneven surface structure of the plastic card. On the other hand, as a manufacturer of business cards, we know from experience that rough lamination is quite rare and therefore it can be said to be a real unique thing.

Plastic business card with coarse matte lamination