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Access control card / Key cards

Plastic cards equipped in an electronic module intended for automatic reading in electronic devices can find a place wherever it is required to identify the holder.


You can find examples in:

  • access control systems, where only the authorized people have the right to reside in certain areas (e.g. hotel rooms, laboratories, warehouses), or the use of specific devices (computers, photocopiers, etc.).
  • time attendance systems, requiring employees to record daily entry and exit from the workplace, which allows for greater control of actual hours worked and the corresponding adjustment of wages.


Due to some weaknesses in the use of cards in access control systems (the possibility, that the card will be lost or use by a third party), to increase security of the system there are also few methods of biometric identification (voice recognition, fingerprint, retina) recommended.


What is new?

Verifying and personalising according with the Unique/Mifare ID.

Access control card / Key cards

Hotel cards

Hotel cards have the function of an electronic key. Cards integrated with the hotel system allow easy and quick access to rooms.

The use of a plastic equivalent of a key positively influences the hotel's prestige.

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Hotel cards

Smart cards, chip cards, memory and processor cards

The specification of the card with the contact chip is specified in the ISO 7816 standard.

The card has surface identification marks of the publisher and owner as well as an information medium containing encoded, detailed information about the card issuer and card owner's account.

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Smart cards, chip cards, memory and processor cards

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