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Contactless cards Unique EM 4100 125 kHz

Proximity cards with the Unique EM 4100 125 kHz module are a basic and economical solution for access control and identification systems. Their simplicity of design and functionality make them a popular choice in a variety of applications where a simple and affordable approach is preferred.

karty Unique EM 4100 125 kHz - specyfikacja

Unique EM 4100 125 kHz cards – applications

Unique EM 4100 125 kHz proximity cards find various applications in various industries. These cards, mainly used in access control systems, provide safe and convenient entry to restricted areas. They are widely used in corporate offices, manufacturing plants, fitness centers, laboratories, warehouses and educational institutions.

Additionally, cards play a key role in time tracking systems, allowing employees to record their clock in and out. These cards are ideal for access control systems, where only authorized people can stay in specific places or use specific devices, such as computers or photocopiers, and for operating alarm systems.

Unique EM 4100 – technical aspects

Not all access card applications require advanced solutions, therefore the simplicity and basic functionality provided by the Unique EM 4100 module is a perfect solution in such situations. Technical parameters of Unique EM 4100:

  • operating frequency: 125 kHz
  • storage type: read-only
  • 64-bit unique serial number pre-stored on the card
  • compatibility – card compatibility with standard RFID systems operating at 125 kHz.

karty Unique EM 4100 125 kHz - specyfikacja

Sample specification of Unique EM 4100 125 kHz proximity cards

Access cards most often do not require decorative prints or special elements; their specifications are usually quite standard and may look something like this:

  • material: white PVC
  • format: 86×54 mm (CR-80)
  • thickness: 0.76 mm (760 microns)
  • offset printing, full CMYK color
  • Unique EM 4100 proximity module
  • optional: a hole, additional personalization, case and Unique EM 4100 proximity module.

It is worth mentioning:
Blank cards with the Unique 4100 module
If you have your own printer for personalizing plastic cards, you can order white, blank cards with the Unique EM 4100 module from us. Here you will find a price list for blank white cards.

Card samples
We suggest you test white card samples with this module before placing an order. The sample is free and will confirm compatibility with your system.

They are simple and economical – cards with the Unique EM 4100 module are a sufficient solution in many applications that do not require high-class access systems or special security. If you would like to know the production price of contactless cards with this module, please use the quote form, specifying the number of cards, colors and possibly an additional type of personalization.

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