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Business Cards

We offer you a full range of laminated plastic business cards - also in custom shape and size.

Business cards in a form of laminated plastic cards are uniqueness and they stand out a very high graphical quality and ingenuity. Moreover the standard business card may have additional options like transparent core, metallic background, matt finish and spot varnish what makes the business cards a little piece of art. These cards often increase the prestige of the company, ennoble it in the eyes of customers and inspire confidence.

The business card in the form of a plastic card is the perfect way to differentiate the offer among competitors.

If you have ideas for your new and more prestige business card - contact us! Our experts are ready to share knowledge and will propose the most original solutions for your business cards!


Specification of a standard plastic business card:

material: PVC white (check other colours)

size: 86x54 mm (CR-80)

thickness: 0,76 mm (760 micron)

offset printing, full colour CMYK*

glossy or mat lamination (more info here).


*CMYK refersto the four inks used in offset printing: CyanMagentaYellowBlack.

Business Cards

Gold - silver - pearl business cards

Card may be a sign of prestige, a high-ranking company on the market. We know that "first impression is the most important."

You'll shine from the first meeting with the client. We can add that glimmer thereby special paint with metallic particles in a gold, silver or pearl colour.

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Gold - silver - pearl business cards

Spot UV varnish business cards

Your business card has to be eye-catching, because it is an advertisement of your company at least.

Moreover, do you know that the sense of touch plays one of the key roles in advertising? It's used by the largest companies in the world.

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Spot UV varnish business cards

Silk matte & rugged matte business cards

In our production we use lamination, so the graphic design of your business card will be well protected during use.

The standard lamination is shiny, but in some cases we recommend matte smooth or rugged lamination.

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Silk matte & rugged matte business cards

Do you have a problem, or need help

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