PVC Plastic Business Cards
PVC Plastic Business Cards

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Plastic business cards

They are exceptionally elegant and durable. They can be lacquered, gold-plated, or even transparent. Prestigious business cards will emphasize your professional image and the uniqueness of your offer. Thanks to the wide range of available printing options, plastic business cards can have various shapes, unconventional finishes, metallic colors, personalized prints, and even intelligent radio modules.

Advantages of plastic business cards

Classic paper business cards have been with us for decades. As printing technology advances, they are becoming more sophisticated and professional. However, it is with business cards made of plastic that you can achieve what is no longer physically possible with paper business cards.

For obvious reasons, the durability of plastic business cards is incomparably greater. Some methods of decorating business cards, such as gold-plated embossed inscriptions or the recently popular choice of transparency, are also only possible with plastic business cards. And the third reason, even forced by modern technologies, is the need to equip business cards with radio modules, thanks to which the business card can communicate, e.g., with a telephone.

Plastic business cards

Plastic business cards – printing options

Thanks to today’s advanced printing technologies, plastic business cards can be unique and much more advanced than standard business cards. Business cards can be printed with additional options, thanks to which they will have an very elegant appearance and practical functionality:

  • offset printing on plastic. CMYK color palette (and, if necessary, PANTONE) is a printing technology that ensures very high print quality. Printing using this technology is characterized by high print accuracy and high resistance to mechanical damage.
  • transparency – this is one of the most common reasons why many people decide to print business cards on plastic. Transparent business cards are very unique! They can be fully or partially transparent. Additionally, transparency can be covered with a frost effect.
  • matte effect – this feature of business cards is often chosen to emphasize a prestige and seriousness of the business. Matte elegant prints, most often in dark colors, give exactly this impression. The matte print effect can be achieved with selective matte varnish or matte lamination.
  • metallic prints – gold, silver or pearl. Just like matte prints, metallic prints additionally emphasize the elegance of business cards. You can use a metallic print on selected elements or even cover the entire surface of the business card.
  • convex varnish – – also known as selective varnish, makes the business cards have a convex print that can be clearly felt under the fingers. Similarly, selected elements, e.g. logos, can be painted with convex varnish. An option similar to printing with convex varnish is the option of making embossed prints, the so-called embossing.
  • unusual shapes – in the case of plastic business cards, the most common modification to their shape is to make business cards with rounded corners, making them look like standard credit cards.
  • personalization – this is an option often used by companies ordering business cards for their employees. The basic print on the business cards will be the same, but the personal data prints may differ. The most frequently used personalization element will, of course, be the name and surname, contact details, but it can also be a QR code in which more data can be encoded – e.g. a link to the company’s main website, or access data to an internal website, etc.
  • proximity radio modules – equipping business cards with radio proximity modules is the latest “fashion” in plastic business card printing technology. Of course, we are talking about NFC tags, thanks to which the business card can communicate with modern smartphones. Similarly to the QR code, data can be encoded in the NFC tag or even programmed actions that will be read or performed by the smartphone when such an NFC business card is brought close to it.

If you care about high durability, an elegant, even prestigious appearance of business cards, and even their technical functionality, plastic business cards are definitely the best choice! Below we present the most frequently chosen types of business cards, and if you would like to know the approximate price of printing plastic business cards, please send the quotation form, specifying the quantity (min. 200 pieces), colors, and selected options.

Types and applications
Spot varnish business cards
Selective varnish is a printing technique that produces very decorative convex prints. Logos, selected shapes and convex 3D 'effects' can be applied locally or on the entire surface ...
Transparent business cards
Highly unique business cards made on transparent material! They can be completely or partially transparent, have a frost effect, matte laminate, shiny metallic prints...
Embossed business cards
Business cards in the style of a classic credit card, with an embossed number or name and surname in gold, silver or black ...
Gold – silver – pearl business cards
Unique business cards with prints made with special metallic paint with glitter particles. Metallic shine, 'sparkling' look of business cards and a guaranteed 'wow' effect ...
Silk matte & rugged matte business cards
Matte business cards look serious and prestigious. Matte elegance is achieved with a special type of laminate that refines the print and additionally protects it against abrasion ...

Additional options

Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Custom shape and size cards
Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
Metallic silkscreen
Scratch-off panel
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Other services
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Laminate of plastic cards
Aroma (e.g. coffee)
NFC module
laser engraving
Contact memory chip
Transparent material
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Print visible in UV / IR
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
Coloured PVC material