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If you are looking for ecological and sufficiently durable cards, we have something for you.
The card made of eco material looks like the one produced of normal PVC.


However, the difference is hidden in details. Ecological material contains a special addition that makes the card degradable. In result the time of the decomposition of such a card is much, much shorter.


You can read more about the eco-friendly material here.


In our offer you may find all common types of cards, for example:

• luxurious business cards
• pocket calendars
• gift cards with magnetic stripe HiCo or LoCo
• loyalty cards with a sequential numbering and/or barcode
• badges with a hole and name personalisation
• membership cards with writing fields
• coupons with a scratch-off panel and a hidden pin code
• luggage tags


In addition eco cards can be decorated with an UV selective varnish, glittering particles (gold / silver or pearl) and they can be also matte or glossy laminated.


Naturaly more decoration equals longer time of the decomposition, however no matter, how many additional options you choose, the eco-friendly core and overlay makes cards more enviroment-friendly in comparision to standard credit cards in your wallet.


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