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Eco friendly material

The use of ecological material means protection for the environment.
Visually, cards made of ecological material do not differ from those made of standard PVC.
Currently, we offer cards made of recycled material.

Eco-friendly material

Eco material for plastic cards how does it work

How does it work?

The material of the eco cards is either a recycled and recyclable material or a biodegradable material. If a card made of ecological material ends up in organic compost, it will decompose.

The additive accelerates the degradation of treated plastics in microbe rich environments, such as a biologically active landfill. It attracts microbes to the product allowing them to colonize on the surface of the plastic. Once the microbes have colonized on the plastic, they secrete acids that break down the polymer chain. Microbes utilize the carbon backbone of the polymer chain as an energy source and utilize plastic as food.

BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL reduces the time it takes to decompose the card!

Many words have already been written both for and against the usage of PVC, more than enough to justify and promote its use on a large scale. It is therefore not our aim, at this stage, to re enter the debate to justify the use of PVC.

We consider this an important contribution to the defence of our ecosystem, tangible evidence of our continuous and consistent commitment to research and development to high performance products, not only from a technical and economic point of view, but also from a social and environmental one.

PVC compares very favourably with all other plastics used in our field, eco-friendly material meets all the criteria which define a product as being „eco consistent” and totally degradable.

This has been achieved without altering the physical and mechanical properties which our industry values so highly.

At the moment, we offer cards made of recycled and recyclable material.

Eco-friendly card examples
Eco-friendly card examples

Visually plastic card made of ecological material does not differ from cards made of PVC, that is why we can produce of it folowing cards:

  • business cards
  • loyalty cards
  • gift cards
  • club / membership cards
  • badges
  • lugagge tags
Colorful material plastic card
Colorful material plastic card

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