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Eco plastic card

Plastic cards made of eco friendly material

Plastic cards made of ecological plastic. A great way to reduce the plastic problem and contribute to protecting the environment while still offering customers the convenience of traditional plastic cards.

Eco friendly material

Traditional PVC, from which plastic cards are made, compares very favorably to other plastics. However, it is still not considered an ecological material, as it does not meet the main criteria that define a material as “environmentally friendly”.

For this reason, we have introduced the possibility of printing cards from recycled plastic, which is still suitable for further recycling. Cards printed on such material are classified as ecological because they can be further recycled. The use of such material directly limits the use of the so-called first-use plastic, i.e. newly produced plastic.

plastic card, ecological material

Eco friendly material – properties

Thanks to the reproduction of physical and mechanical properties, recycled plastic is perfect as a material for card production. Cards made of it visually do not differ from those made of standard PVC, so they can be used to make all the cards we offer:
– customer cards – loyalty cards, gift cards, – club, membership and VIP cards – ID cards and ID cards
– plastic business cards etc.

We encourage you to consider printing cards on recycled material. When submitting the quotation form, please leave a request in the comment section for a quote that includes the option of making cards from eco-friendly materials.

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