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Contactless chip

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

RFID cards are physically similar to a credit card, but they have a small microprocessor with a built-in memory and antenna. Information is read wirelessly through electromagnetic induction, without the need to insert the card into the reader. Thanks to wireless communication, the proximity card is very functional and also more durable than magnetic cards that are subject to mechanical wear.

Transponder module (contactless) is a chip with an antenna that is placed inside a laminated card. The module’s electronic system allows information to be stored. Mostly a number is coded, which is read by the reader. The transponder enables information to be exchanged with the transceiver using radio waves.

The transponder enables information to be exchanged with the transceiver using radio waves. This means that the transponder cards are not mechanically damaged when they are pulled through the reader (rubbing off, cracks).

RFID NFC cards EM 4100, Mifare, Hitag, Ntag, ATA

The transponder cards do not require an internal supply source. The charging process of the transponder emerges from the exchange process. The antenna of the transceiver sends electromagnetic waves for 15 to 50 milliseconds. The energy stored in the transponder is used to send information to the transceiver. The information transfer time is 18 milliseconds.

The permissible distance between the card and the transceiver depends on the type of antenna and is normally 8 cm.

The following modules are currently used for transponder cards:

EM 4100 module, specification:

  • read only,
  • operating frequency: 125 kHz (low),
  • memory: 64 bit,
  • 64-bit unique serial number.
RFID NFC cards EM 4100, Mifare, Hitag, Ntag, ATA

Module Mifare Classic 1 kB, specification:

  • for reading and saving,
  • operating frequency: 13.56 MHz,
  • total memory: 1 kilobyte (high),
  • data encoding,
  • access to the memory block is defined by the user,
  • option: 16 different applications in the module,
  • unique serial number.
Mifare Chip preview

Our offer also includes transponder cards with the following modules: Mifare Desfire, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Plus, Hitag and ATA.

Easy to use and very durable transponder cards are mostly used in access control systems, for working time registration and in multi-application systems.

The transponder cards meet the ISO 14443 standards.

The use of proximity chips in cards:

  • access control cards,
  • cards for loyalty programs,
  • parking cards,
  • public transport tickets – electronic tickets,
  • time control cards and employee identifiers,
  • mass events badges,
  • tickets to pools and fitness clubs.