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Scratch-off panel

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

A scratch-off panel is a special layer that covers the field that contains information that is only visible after removing the scratch field.

Scratch-off panel on a plastic card made with a thermal printing

These are usually data such as:

  • PIN / activation code
  • win / prize
  • control number
  • discount or promotional code

The scratch-off panel can most often be found on gift cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, as well as competition and lottery coupons.
This method is used not only to protect the card with a dedicated code. With the scratch card on the gift card, you can convey an interesting message to the customer or partner, such as “Smile”. What’s more, you have full freedom in personalizing the message, because each card may have a different text under the scratch card.

What’s more, our scratch cards are designed so that you can easily scratch them off. They are also durable enough not to be damaged spontaneously.

There are two types of scratch cards:

  • applied with a thermal printing’s ribbon
  • machine applied, in the form of a sticker

Below are the features of the above scratch cards.

1. A look

Scratch cards are made using a different technique and therefore look slightly different. The first photo shows the printed one, and the next one – glued.

Plastic card with an imprinted scratch panel
Plastic card with a scratch off sticker

2. Quantity

Both of these methods of applying a scratch card to the card are used for different minimum order quantities. This is because each of the methods is cost effective and efficient.
For cards with orders from 200 to 30 000 pieces, the recommended method is hot-stamping.
On the other hand, for larger quantities, we recommend using a scratch panel in a form of a sticker.

3. The format and shape of the scratch-off panel

The printed scratch-off field can be of any size and shape. Thanks to this, it is possible to make it, for example, in the form of a circle, heart, square, etc.
However, due to technological limitations, it is not possible to overprint with a scratch ribbon the entire surface of the card.
On the other hand, a scratch panel in the form of a sticker has one format and shape: a rectangle with the size of 8×20 mm with rounded corners.
It is possible to adjust a sticky scratch-off field to your expectations, in this case please contact our Customer Service Department :).

If you have any questions about the use of a scratch-off panel on your plastic cards – let us know.
We are happy to help, advise and prepare an express quote.