card option – panel


Plastic cards with scratch-off panel

PIN, reward number or promotional code. You can write any content in the scratch panel – promotional or functional, and the scratch card can also be used to protect the card. A scratch card on a plastic card is a special layer that covers the field containing information visible only after removing the outer layer of the scratch card.

plastic card with scratch card - secret code

Scratch cards – possibilities

The scratch card can most often be placed on gift, discount and loyalty cards, as well as in competition and lottery coupons. The scratch card prints various contents:
– PIN / activation code
– name or number of the winning/prize
– control number
– discount or promotional code.

Moreover, it is also possible to personalize the scratch-off panel – each card may have a different inscription under the scratch-off panel. Our scratch-off panels are made in such a way that they can be scratched off easily. They are also durable enough to prevent accidental damage.
The picture shows an example of a card with a random code under the scratch card.

plastic card with a scratch-off card applied with thermal printing
plastic card with a scratch-off sticker

Scratch-off panels – types and technologies

Scratch-pff panels are applied using two main techniques:

  • thermal printing – panels are applied with thermal printing from tape and done by heating the foil onto the card,
  • sticking the panel is applied by machine in the form of a sticker.

Depending on the chosen technique, scratch cards may have slightly different appearances. The first photo displays a printed scratch card, while the next photo shows a panel that has been glued to the card.

Scratch cards – technical aspects

When ordering scratch cards, you should remember several aspects of scratch card printing:

  • Order quantity. The method of applying the scratch card to the cards is selected depending on the size of the order. This is due to the profitability and efficiency of each method. For orders ranging from 200 to approximately 30,000 pieces, the recommended method is thermal printing. For larger orders (over 30,000 pieces), we recommend using a scratch card in the form of a sticker.
  • Thermal print scratch-off panel can be of any size and shape. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a panel, e.g., in the form of a circle, heart, square, etc. However, due to technological limitations, it is not possible to cover the entire surface of the card with the panel.
  • A scratch-off panel that was glued to the card can only have one standard format and shape, i.e. a rectangle of 8 × 20 mm with rounded corners. However, it is possible to slightly adjust the panel to the order requirements.
  • The production of scratch cards takes approximately 12 business days. The exact processing time depends on the number of cards and other additional options.
  • You can put several scratch-off panels on the card, printing different data on each panel.

Scratch cards are a great way to make your cards more attractive, protect them, or surprise your customers. Contact our consultants to discuss the use of scratch printing techniques on your cards. Or use the quote form to find out the approximate cost of making scratch cards.