Plastic Access Key Cards
Plastic Access Key Cards

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Plastic Access Cards

Access Control Cards

RFID, MiFare, NFC or classic – with a magnetic stripe, photo, number, and name. We use them to open doors, log in to a system, and confirm our identity. Access cards have revolutionized the way security is managed in companies.

Access cards are a type of plastic cards used to manage access to rooms, information, or devices with limited access. These cards are equipped with radio tags that communicate with appropriate readers. Readers read and verify information written on cards, allowing access. Access cards significantly increase security and the way you manage company resources. Their use is convenient and quick, and the cards themselves are durable and resistant to wear and tear in everyday use.

Access cards – main applications

Access cards are commonly used in office buildings, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and transportation systems. They enable safe entry into restricted areas, track employee attendance, provide member privileges, and increase the overall security of the organization. Thanks to configurable functions and advanced technologies, access cards have become an integral part of modern access control systems.

Plastic Access Card -  technology

Access card technology

Access cards are plastic cards containing a special electronic module with an antenna, generally known as an RFiD module or transponder. The installed transponder enables the exchange of information with the transmitting and receiving devices via radio waves. Such a module works with the reading system, so it must be properly selected for your system. In addition to radio communication, the RFiD module also allows information to be stored on it. Most often, it contains a number that is read when the card is brought close to the reader.

Our offer includes many currently popular Mifare, Unique, NFC, Hitag, and ATA proximity modules. Each module has specific parameters and a name, e.g., Unique 4100 or Mifare Classic 1K proximity modules. If you are not sure which module to choose, check the specifications of your reader or contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right type. Also check out the offer for the production of traditional magnetic cards. They perform a similar function to cards with RFID modules, but unlike proximity cards, magnetic cards require contact with a card reader. Below, we present the most common types of access cards.

Types and applications
Magnetic stripe cards LoCo / HiCo
Magnetic cards are one of the cheapest available methods of recording information. The magnetic strip allows for multiple recording and reading of information in digital form.
Hotel cards
Plastic cards with a proximity or contact module are ideal hotel keys. They are durable, convenient for customers, programmable, and their use is monitored.
Smart cards, chip cards, memory and processor cards
Cards for demanding applications. Processor chips have a very large memory capacity, advanced security, long data storage durability and enable thousands of data writing cycles.
Mifare Classic 1K 13.56 MHz contactless cards
MiFare Classic is a popular module for use in advanced systems. The module has a large capacity, high operating frequency, is programmable, has higher class security...
Contactless cards Unique EM 4100 125 kHz
The Unique EM module is a popular choice in access systems that do not require high-class solutions. This module is low-cost, read-only and comes pre-loaded with a unique identification number, ...

Additional options

Metallic silkscreen
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Aroma (e.g. coffee)
Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
NFC module
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Scratch-off panel
Contact memory chip
Print visible in UV / IR
laser engraving
Custom shape and size cards
Coloured PVC material
Laminate of plastic cards
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)
Other services
Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Transparent material