Plastic Loyalty Cards
Plastic Loyalty Cards

loyalty cards

Plastic loyalty cards

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are key elements of loyalty programs through which companies build long-term relationships with customers, thus building their competitive position in a selected market. A satisfied customer using a loyalty card makes regular purchases and recommends products to friends.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offered by stores and companies are a standard way to encourage customers to make more frequent and regular purchases. These programs typically offer discounts, points or rewards for purchases, special promotions and personalized offers. By participating in loyalty programs, customers can enjoy savings, benefits and a personalized shopping experience, while businesses benefit from increased customer retention and repeat purchases.

Loyalty cards in shop Loyalty cards are one of the key elements that facilitate the organization of loyalty programs. They provide a convenient and easy way to track and reward customer loyalty. These cards typically have a unique identification number associated with a customer’s account, which allows companies to collect data on customer behavior and preferences. With this information, companies can tailor offers to individual customers, improving their shopping experience and strengthening their sense of loyalty.

Standard loyalty card specifications:

  • material: White PVC
  • format: 86×54 mm (CR-80),
  • thickness: 0.76 mm (760 microns)
  • offset printing, full CMYK color
  • barcode, QR code, magnetic stripe.

Plastic loyalty card with scratch-off panel

Loyalty cards – printing options

Loyalty cards can be much more elegant and advanced than standard plastic cards. Here are the options and possibilities of printing plastic cards that are worth considering when designing cards for your loyalty program:

  • card color – plastic cards are most often made of white PVC. However, you can choose PVC in a different color – we offer the material in the following colors: gold, silver and black.
  • different shape and format – cards are most often made in a standard size: 86×54 mm, known in the industry as CR-80. However, modern card printing technologies allow the production of cards in different sizes and even shapes. They can be round, oval or heart-shaped. Cards of other sizes are, for example, common loyalty cards in the shape of a small card that is 1/3 the size of a standard card.
  • decorative options – upscale stores may need their loyalty cards to look just as upscale. This can be achieved by printing decorations on the cards in the form of raised characters made with selective varnish. You can apply metallic prints, embossed inscriptions, cover the card with a matte or glossy laminate, or even place a hologram.
  • card personalization – this is one of the main card options that is necessary to track card usage. The most frequently used personalization element is a barcode or magnetic stripe – each card will have its own unique number encoded in the barcode or stripe. This number will be scanned, e.g. at checkout while shopping. Alternatively, or additionally, you can print a QR code, number, expiry date and a signature strip on the card.

Loyalty programs and their main element – loyalty cards, are undoubtedly an effective tool for companies to increase customer loyalty. With their durability and professional design consistent with the company’s image, these cards strengthen brand perception, increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Types and applications
Club cards / membership cards
Cards for clubs and organizations serve as proof of membership and provide access to selected services, discounts or events of the organization. Personalized during production, or with the possibility of individual personalization by the club.
Warranty and service cards
The plastic card can also serve as an exclusive quality certificate or warranty card added to premium products. Such a card can be made as exclusive as the product itself - metallic, embossed, convex...
Plastic exclusive VIP cards
VIP cards are exclusive membership cards that offer special privileges and benefits to selected customers. They have a unique, elegant appearance, give a sense of exclusivity and enrich the customer experience, giving access to premium services,...
Discount cards
5, 10, 15% percent discount, access to special promotions or offers. Discount cards are a popular way for companies to retain customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases. A discount card is also an excellent business card of the company ...

Additional options

Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
Metallic silkscreen
Other services
Laminate of plastic cards
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Print visible in UV / IR
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
Transparent material
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
laser engraving
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)
NFC module
Custom shape and size cards
Contact memory chip
Aroma (e.g. coffee)
Scratch-off panel
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Coloured PVC material