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Signature strip

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

The signature strip is a special varnish that is placed in the selected place on the plastic card. Thanks to this varnish it is possible to write on the card with a pen, a pencil and a marker.

If this dedicated strip layer is not overprinted on the laminated or varnished card, signing the card with a pen is impossible. You can possibly write a text with a CD marker, but the ink of the marker will be smeared after a quite short time.

In case of emergency card with signature strips

The signature strip can be of various shapes and sizes and can be found anywhere on the card. It can also cover the entire surface of the card as in the photo below.

Thanks to this, the card becomes a coupon for marking off already used offers.

Card with signature strip as coupon

The most common place to enter data is in the form of a rectangle with straight or rounded corners.

When designing the graphics of a plastic card, remember that the signature strip is transparent. Therefore, you should put the color on the card in which the final place for the signature should be.

It is true that we also have a white signature strip, but it is used less frequently due to its lower versatility.

In addition, a separate PDF file should be prepared for all elements that are to be covered with the signature strip. These elements must be 100% black (K only).

How to prepare a file for a card with a signature strip

Plastic cards with a signature strip have a wide range of applications in business, for example as:

  • gift cards with a space to write wishes, amounts to be used
  • membership cards and ID cards with fields for filling with personal data and a handwritten signature
  • luggage tags with fields for entering contact details (if the luggage is lost, the finder will have contact with the owner)
  • “in case of an accident” cards, “sauce” cards, donor cards – apart from places for contact details of the closest people, you can also put fields to mark whether we are sick, take medications, wear lenses, have allergies, etc.
  • bookmarks with a space to enter your favorite quotes ….
  • pet IDs with a field for entering the pet owner data.

Actually, these are just a few of the many ideas that we implement every day. The signature strip is an accessory that is very common and successfully replaces machine-made personalization (e.g. with thermal printing).

If you need patient cards, club cards, but you do not want to overprint them with personal data, choose signature strips.

In addition, if you’re concerned that manually entered data can be easily deleted, we have a solution. We can cover the signature strip with a layer of dedicated pigment, which is damaged after contact, for example with an eraser, remover or any other agent or tool.

Thus, you will protect the card against an attempted forgery.

Loyalty card with anti-counterfeit signature strip

What’s more, we also want to present you an interesting solution for cards with a large amount of personal data, such as business and student ID cards.

All you need to do is leave blank spaces on the card and stick a special foil to one edge for self-sticking.

This option allows you to manually enter data and place a photo in the appropriate field without additional costs for machine personalization.

The foil is a protective laminate that prevents tampering with the data underneath it.

A badge with a protective sticker

If you need technical support, want to check if you have prepared the file correctly – contact us.

We are happy to advise you!