Our main and flagship product is laminated plastic cards, but as a producer and printing house we also offer a number of other products and services.

Get to know our possibilities!

So let’s start from the beginning… .

1. Preparation of the graphic design and visualization of additional options

Want to order cards but don’t have a project? The company lacks a graphic designer, and none of your friends know about it? We will be happy to help you with this!

Our experienced graphic designers and DTP specialists know their stuff, after all, they work in a printing house :). With us, the graphic design of a card or flyer is a breeze! Write to us – we will quote.

Preparation of the project for printing a plastic card

2. Personalization of entrusted cards, leaflets, forms, envelopes

Have you ordered cards elsewhere, and they come without the required barcodes? That `s nothing! Our company is equipped with machines for personalization. If your cards are new (never used), please entrust them to us.

We can put on them a variable bar code, QR code, name and address data. We also personalize leaflets and envelopes.

Of course, with all the guidelines compliant with the GDPR.

Personalization of plastic cards with a barcode

3. Mailing and packaging (completing a card with a leaflet, inserting into an envelope and shipping)

Are you only interested in comprehensive solutions, e.g. card + leaflet + envelope? You don’t want to outsource various services to several companies? Do everything with us!

We have our own confection department, which means that we are able to offer you a lot of additional services, such as:

  • sticking the card to a leaflet or form,
  • folding a leaflet or a form in half, three “Z” or “U”,
  • inserting a welcome kit (a letter with a card) into a DL or C6 envelope with closing and sealing,
  • shipment of packages to customer sites / stores via a UPS courier,
  • connecting a card with a hole with a silicone luggage loop, a steel cable with its twisting, a key ring, a ball chain with its fastening,
  • riveting a single card, also two cards together – we use a metal rivet with a hole, thanks to which an additional accessory can be threaded through the hole, e.g. a lanyard carabiner,
  • packing cards in single bags, packing several dozen pieces, sealing up to 50 cards with heat-shrinkable foil.

…. and many other services that come to our clients’ minds and which we are not afraid to provide 🙂

Loyalty set - card with a leaflet or a formular

4. Card packaging, printed lanyards, badge accessories and other card accessories

As a card manufacturer, we often offer accompanying products to our customers, for example:

  • paper packaging / carriers for gift cards,
  • hard and soft transparent case for identifiers in horizontal and vertical version,
  • sublimation lanyards with print of various widths,
  • accessories for luggage tags, that is: silicone loops, twisted steel cables, rings for key rings, ball chains, plastic straps.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help and advise you. Contact us.