glossy, matt

card option – laminate


Laminate of plastic cards

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

A laminate provides the cards more durable and resistant to damages. The use of a specified laminate can spice up the graphical effects of the project.

There are three kinds of the laminate:

  • glossy
  • silk matte
  • rugged matte

It is possible to use different laminates on the obverse and reverse, e.g. glossy/matt.

Laminated plastic cards offered by our company meet all national and international quality standards (ISO/IEC 7810 compliance).

Cards are made of plastic material, usually PVC or polyethylene. We also offer biodegradable cards made of environmentally friendly materials.

Cards have a high chemical resistance and the double-sided lamination protects a printing against abrasion. Available printing techniques include offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, thermal printing.

We print using CMYK colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) or in a palette of PCMS (Pantone Color maching System).

A standard card size is 53,98 mm x 85,60 mm, rounded corners (we also make other sizes). Standard thickness is 0,76 mm, on a request of customers, we also make thinner cards – approx 0,5 mm.

Plastic cards may contain additional options like: the signature stripe, barcode, magnetic stripe, chip, contactless module, scratch panel and more.