Plastic Id Cards
Plastic Id Cards

identity cards

plastic identity cards

Identity Cards / Badges

Employee, trade fair, and event ID badges. School, student, and business ID cards. We print plastic ID badges and ID cards – laminated, personalized, and secured with a special print or hologram. They can also be decorated with convex varnish, have a place for a signature, have an unusual shape and size, and if necessary, they will be equipped with radio proximity modules.

plastic ID for the festival

Plastic, laminated, with interesting and eye-catching colors, with a hole for hanging them on a lanyard. Identifiers can be very simple or advanced. White, with a signature strip or elegant print, with a number, barcode or even an NFC module. Plastic cards in standard size, or in any shape, e.g. circle, square, teardrop, or in another format – most often similar to the A7 standard (105×74 mm). Our technological capabilities and many years of experience in card printing allow us to print even the most sophisticated ID cards.

Sample specification for a plastic ID card:

  • white PVC material
  • format 86×54 mm or other
  • CMYK offset printing, one or two sides
  • glossy or matte lamination
  • personalization with name, number, barcode or QR code
  • round buttonhole 4 mm / oval buttonhole 14×3 mm / eurohole
  • plastic case and 10 mm sublimation lanyard with carabiner

personalized plastic employee ID badge

Personalization of badges

As the name suggests, an ID card is used to identify the person who uses it. Therefore, the identifier must be associated with its owner, and this is done using so-called personalization, i.e., printing unique, variable numerical or personal data (name, surname) on identifiers. The ID can include:

  • signature strip: this is the simplest form of personalization,
  • number: each identifier will have a separate number,
  • first name and last name,
  • photo,
  • barcode or QR code – each code can be unique, and the code will contain data assigned to the ID owner.
  • RFID, MiFare, NFC radio module, or magnetic stripe: the module or strip will contain a code assigned to the ID owner.

Personalization can also be done in any combination of the above-mentioned methods. So you can create, for example, an ID card with a number and a signature strip, a number and a QR code, an ID card with a photo, a number, a name, a surname, and an NFC module.

plastic ID badge secured with a hologram

ID cards security

Depending on the requirements, IDs and ID cards can be secured using simple or advanced methods. The personalization of identifiers itself is a type of security because it allows you to check the data of the identifier owner. Moreover, data can be placed on the card before lamination, which makes it impossible to remove personalization from the finished ID.

Offset printing, which we use to make ID badges, is a very high-quality print that allows you to print the so-called microprint – small text visible through a magnifying glass, or guilloche – a pattern that is difficult to forge and consists of curves in various combinations. Popular methods of securing identifiers include printing ‘secret’ characters using special UV printing (UV characters are visible only under ultraviolet light) or printing/sticking a hologram.

plastic ID badge with decorative print

Decorative options

An identifier does not have to be simple and functional. If you need a badge, e.g., for an exclusive event, the badge can also have a suitably exclusive look. Such a luxury badge may have:

  • metallic base that makes the graphics shimmer with pearl, silver, or gold glitter.
  • or, on the contrary, dark matte lamination, which will give the card a serious, distinguished look.
  • selective varnish, which, when applied to selected elements, e.g., a logo, adds convexity and shine to them.
  • embossed personalization, e.g., an embossed name and surname covered with silver varnish
  • any combination of luxurious prints and elements, e.g., matte laminate with an embossed gold number and logo made with selective varnish.

accessories for plastic ID badges

Additional accessories for badges

When you order ID badges from us, you can immediately receive them along with the necessary accessories:

  • sublimation lanyards with metal snap hooks,
  • transparent holders with a hole, hard or soft, attached with frogs, magnets, or a safety pin,
  • silicone loops, steel cables, and luggage tag straps..

Types and applications
Luggage tags
They protect the luggage against loss. PVC ID badges are durable, they can have an unusual shape, size, hole, and, above all, a place for a signature to put the owner's data on them ...
Employee badges
They enable employee identification on the premises of the company or institution where the time and access control systems are installed. They are laminated and personalized, with a hole for hanging a lanyard and a place for a signature. ...
Conference / Events Identity Cards
Necessary to identify staff and/or participants during conferences, fairs, and events. Used to gain access to the event and its facilities or to confirm the identity of participants ...
Badges of custom shape and format
The badge does not have to be just simple and functional; it can also have a non-standard size, an original appearance, or even a fanciful shape, designed in accordance with the visual identification of your company ...

Additional options

NFC module
Transparent material
Metallic silkscreen
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Custom shape and size cards
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)
Print visible in UV / IR
Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
laser engraving
Laminate of plastic cards
Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Contact memory chip
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Scratch-off panel
Coloured PVC material
Other services
Aroma (e.g. coffee)
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte