Plastic Id Cards
Plastic Id Cards



Identity cards / badges

Our company offers a printout of all types of plastic badges, in particular: employee identifiers, business badges,
school and student IDs, visitor and exhibitor badges, access cards.


When planning a conference, trade fair, outdoor event, forum or festival, it is necessary to include the order of badges. If you are interested why it is so important when organizing an event, then we encourage you to read the following tips.

Undoubtedly, the event organizer must comply with safety rules and meet certain requirements, including technical or sanitary. In addition, there is a considerable problem with verifying the identity of all persons involved in the work before the event, during and after the event. Identifiers help to identify specialists, technicians, artists, media and other participants of the event.

Plastic, laminated and usually personalised, with interesting and eye-catching colors, having a hole to hang it on a leash …. The specification of such identifiers can be very simple or complex. In accordance with the wishes of the ordering party, the manufacturer can make them even in a different shape, e.g. a circle, square or in another format – usually similar to the A7 standard (105×74 mm).

Plastic event conference id card badge with hole


Due to the high quality of offset printing, identifiers may have security in the form of micro printing – small text visible through a magnifying glass or guilloche – a pattern difficult to counterfeit consisting of curves in various combinations. In addition, there is the fact that the identifiers are laminated (unpainted), i.e. protected with a hot foil, which definitely protects the print from scratches and damage. Moreover, the manufacturer can put a hologram on the plastic identifier, which will additionally protect the product against counterfeiting.

It is worth knowing that the orderer has a lot of additional options, including decorations. It can be, for example, a metallic glittering background, which causes the graphics to glisten with pearl, silver or gold glitter. Or selective (selective) varnish, which when applied to selected elements, e.g. a logo, gives them convexity and gloss. In combination with the matte finish of the plastic identifier, the glossy selective varnish will extract from the graphics what is most important.

You should not forget about the aforementioned personalisation, i.e. printing unique, variable numeric or personal data (name, surname). Placing data on the identifier increases security because it allows you to quickly check the data of an event participant. What’s more, the data can be placed on request before lamination, which eliminates the possibility of removing personalization from the finished identifier.

Plastic badges


Of course, the real plastic badge should be equipped with additional elements that will make it easier for the user to wear it. I am talking here of course about all kinds of accessories: sublimation lanyards with a carabiner, hard and soft holders, clips, magnets and safety pins.

If the organizer considers the order of badges, he can be sure that his event will have an increased level of security due to the easy identification of participants. In addition, thanks to the aesthetic value of the plastic identifier, it will be a permanent souvenir after a festival, concert or trade fair.

Example specification of a plastic identifier:

  • white pvc material
  • 86×54 mm or other unusual format, e.g. 100×80 mm, 50×30 mm …
  • CMYK offset printing, one or two pages
  • glossy or matte lamination


  • personalised personalisation, barcode
  • round hole 4 mm / oval 14×3 mm / eurohole
  • pearl glitttering background, one or two sides
  • 10 mm sublimation lanyard with a carabiner

Minimum order: 200 pieces.

To prepare plastic identifiers, we also need:

  • database (in a spreadsheet, placing individual data in separate columns)
  • photos of the owner (in jpg format, 300 dpi resolution)
Badge accessories
Types and applications
Employee badges
The plastic ID of an employee allows to: registration of the employee's working time,easy and quick access to rooms,option to block the card / remove it from the system,easy storage (for example in a wallet) or in a special holder,possibility of re-encoding information (assigning a new employee to an existing card),personalized look of an employee card (photo, name and surname, card number),magnetic card features in accordance with the ISO 7811 standard,features of a proximity card in accordance [...]
Luggage tags
To filling personal data on signature field we suggest to use CD/DVD marker. A luggage tag can be produced with standard ISO 7810 size or other custom shape and size. Specification of standard luggage tag: material: PVC white (check other colours) size: 86x54 mm (CR-80) thickness: 0,76 mm (760 mikrons) full colour CMYK* printing signature field (more info here here) oval hole 14x3 mm (more info here) *CMYK - refers to the four basic inks used in offet printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.
In our offer you may find many types of lanyards: → Sublimated lanyard, full colour printed one or both sides with a metal silver lobster clip attached Possible width of lanyard: 10 mm / 15 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm Possible accessories: a buckle. → Silk screen printed lanyard, printed one colour one side with a metal silver lobster clip Possible width of lanyard: 10 mm / 15 mm / 20 mm Possible accessories: a buckle → Double layered lanyard, full colour printed one side [...]
How to prepare for printing badges for mass events?
During the festival, organizers, volunteers, artists, technicians, the media and all those who take care of the June event carried personal plastic badges. Thanks to them it will be easy to identify the service staff and guests at a glance. The contractor of identifiers is a Krakow plastic card manufacturer. Due to the fact that the summer period is the time of outdoor events, the company Polskie Karty Sp. z o.o. prepared a short guide with useful [...]
Badges of custom shape and format
Be sure to familiarize yourself with our offer of unusual identifiers from the die. You can use mini identifiers as tags or product labels. However, maxi identifiers will be better visible during trade fairs, mass events and other events. Both custom shapes (e.g. circles, hearts) and formats can be personalized, i.e. we can place individual data on them.

Additional options

Aroma (e.g. coffee)
Coloured pvc material
Transparent material
Print visible in UV / IR
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Scratch-off panel
Other services
Laminate of plastic cards
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
Metallic silkscreen
Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
Contact memory chip
Custom shape and size cards
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)