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A hologram is nothing more than a three-dimensional image created as a result of overlapping several layers of images.

It should be remembered that during the creation of the hologram, not only the amplitude modulation, but also changes in the phase of the light wave are noted.

A hologram in the form of a sticker on a plastic card

The hologram can contain various effects, such as:

  • motion animation
  • gradient
  • microtext
  • flip-flop effect
  • 2D/3D effect

The hologram has two functions:

  • As an element protecting a plastic card against falsify. The originality of a plastic card is confirmed by an attached hologram, which is much more difficult and expensive to counterfeit than printing the plastic card itself.
  • And also as a decorative element, increasing the prestige of the card, for example a club card, a VIP card.

Holograms can appear as self-adhesive stickers or on metallized films, applied to the protected object using the hot-stamping technology. Below we present the key differences between both forms of holograms.

1. The method of applying the hologram
The hologram in the form of a sticker can be applied by machine in our printing house or manually by the customer. If you prefer to stick holograms on your cards, we will provide them on the sheets.

Holograms stickers in sheets

The second type of hologram is applied only by machine by pressing a matrix of holographic foil to the surface of the card. The work also requires a suitable temperature for the hologram to permanently be sealed into the laminate.

2. Hologram pattern

In both cases, there are standard hologram designs so that the price of the sticker or hot stamping foil is relatively low. Of course, it is possible to order an individual hologram, but it involves high costs, which is completely unprofitable in the case of small orders.
For example, a sealed hologram with an individual pattern requires a minimum order of 10 000 m2, with the price per square meter being a few euros. Additionally, there is a long waiting time for the production of such a film.

It is similar with individual holograms in the form of a sticker. In this case, the minimum order is 20 000 pieces. The hologram’s production time is also increased by an additional 5-6 weeks due to the time, we need for making the matrix.

So what’s next? A hologram on a standard background or on request?
We already know from our experience that holograms with a standard background are a very good solution, especially when you need from 200 to several thousand pieces.
The sticker can be additionally printed with the company’s logo, numbering, for example in silver or black color. This makes the hologram unique.
For hot stamped holograms, a matrix with an individual logo can be prepared. However, you have yo know that this logo will not be printed, but “cut” from the background of the holographic foil.

Below is a plastic card with a hologram and printed logo.

Loyalty card with hologram and printed logo

And here is a card with a hologram sealed in the card.

Quality certificate card with a sealed hologram

Remember that we always advise you in choosing a hologram. You can count on our full technical support, no matter if you order 200 or 200 000 cards with a hologram.
Contact us and find out more. We will answer all your questions.