Variety of plastic cards options

Have your cards made with extra options, useful functionalities and custom personalizations. Color base, varnished finish, hologram, secret invisible UV / IR print and many more.

A wide variety of available card options that we offer, can make your cards much more functional and elegant than ordinary cards.

You can have your cards printed on a metallic, colored or even transparent base, with a spot or selective varnish. Card made with that way will have a unique and luxury look.

Custom personalisation usually means card made with a number, photo, barcode or QR code.

Available security option are: microprint, invisible UV or IR print, hologram, ghost photo, personalised number.

Functionality options can be achieved by adding magnetic stripe, memory chip, radio RFID / MiFare / NFC module. They will make the card smart and programmable and recordable.

Examples of exotic option eco-friendly material, round or euro holes, unusual shape, size and even a pleasant aroma like f ex. coffee or grass!

Please check all the available options using a menu below.