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Print visible in UV / IR

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material?
It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

There are types of printing strictly intended to protect plastic cards, and they are techniques that require the use of special varnishes.
We are talking about UV-light visible printing (visible when illuminated with an ultraviolet lamp) and IR-light visible printing (visible in infrared).
The prints with the above-mentioned varnishes are invisible to the naked eye, they are transparent and for this reason the workplace should be equipped with dedicated UV or IR lamps.

Printing on plastic cards visible under ultraviolet / infrared light can be of any shape and size. For example, you can apply a repeated sign / logo over the entire surface of the card on one or both sides. Another way is to place one character / logo anywhere, e.g. in the lower left corner of the card.

Card with the logo visible in UV light

To make the simplest card with the logo visible in UV, we only need two printable files saved in PDF format. The first file is to be the target image, and the second is to contain a black logo (100% K) in the selected place on the card.

Below you can see examples of a design made in two ways:
• in the first preview, there is only one logo visible under UV light, placed in the corner
• while in the second preview a grid with the logo was made

How to prepare a file for printing a card with a logo visible in UV or IR
How to make a business card print file with a logo visible in UV or IR

In the example above, if we place the card under a lamp with UV light, the stamps with the letter M will glow blue, which will verify the authenticity of the card.

The application of ultraviolet / infrared visible printing is diverse, printing can be used on cards such as:
loyalty cards with a barcode or a magnetic stripe
gift cards with a barcode or magnetic stripe
exhibitor/visitor badges and employee ID badges
school ID cards
product certificates, warranty and service cards

Why is this option worth using?
You will undoubtedly avoid the hassle of trying to forge your cards.
We are often contacted by people who want to order single ID cards, declaring the loss of the old one. As a card manufacturer with many years of experience, we categorically refuse to print in such situations.
And we respect our clients, because theoretically and practically it is possible to print a single student ID, gift card or ID.
So answering the question asked – yes! It is worth putting a marking on the card that will be visible only under UV / IR light.

Check also other possible options to protect the card – call or write us. We will be happy to help and advise you in choosing the option that best suits your cards.