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Additional options

Coloured pvc material

Did you know that we can also make cards on colored material? It is an ideal solution for prestigious club cards or exclusive business cards, among others.

Thanks to the use of colored PVC, the card gains a unique look, because the edges are no longer in the standard white color.


Our offer includes three colors of plastic:
✔ gold
✔ silver
✔ black


Black PVC is perfectly saturated, deep and uniform.

Gold and silver PVC, on the other hand, have colors similar to Pantone metallic. Therefore, the surface of the card will not contain glitter particles, which is possible only through the use of screen printing paint - the so-called metallic undercoat / print, but with a smooth and vivid color.

The photo below shows a combination of white, silver, black and gold material for the production of plastic cards.


Mass-dyed plastic cards, a colorful material for the production of plastic cards


The materials mentioned (apart from the standard white) are not ecological (read more about the eco-friendly material here). It is also not possible to use them to make contactless cards.


It should also be remembered that there are some limitations in the black, gold and silver PVC printing technology. The paints we use are not 100% opaque, which requires the use of white underprint in most cases.


Example of a card on black plastic with white underprint and offset printing


Plastic cards made of black PVC


As the colored plastic sheet has the same properties as white and transparent, they can be combined to create very interesting cards.


Below in the photo, for example, is a card made of a combination of silver and transparent PVC. The transparent sheet was printed with an offset (ribbon) and a glitter pattern.

Thanks to this, we obtained a delicate depth effect resulting from the difference in levels of individual layers.


The card is made of a combination of silver and transparent PVC


As a manufacturer of plastic cards, we encourage you to experiment with colored plastic and combine it with various decorations, such as selective varnish, hot-stamping. In this way, it is possible to obtain interesting and eye-catching effects using, for example, only the substrate and one printing option.


Another example: club card with golden edges + simple offset print in black with a selection in the design so that the golden substrate is partially visible.

On this card we also placed a gold HiCo magnetic strip, which fits perfectly with the whole.


Club card with black print on golden plastic with golden edges