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Additional options

Magnetic stripe LoCo or HiCo PVC swipe cards

Magnetic stripe cards are one of the cheapest and the most available solutions of recording information. Magnetic stripe reader allows for reading the content.

The location and parameters of magnetic stripe is specified in ISO/EIC 7811.


Currently we use two types of magnetic stripes:

  • LoCo (low coercivity) - low coefficient of coercivity of magnetic stripe – approx 300 oe (oersteds)
  • HiCo (high coercivity) - high coefficient of coercivity of magnetic stripe – up to 4000 oe (oersteds)


Magnetic stripe is a tape, on which we can encode information. Reading of magnetic stripe takes place during swiping a plastic card through the reader.

HiCo magnetic stripe is the most popular because of its higher resistance to demagnetization.
LoCo magnetic stripe is quite susceptible to demagnetization and loss of data recording.

Magnetic stripe cards and encodingThere are 3 tracks on the magnetic stripe with a total storage capacity of 75 alphanumeric characters and 147 numbers. Relatively small capacity of the magnetic strip is quite enough to save the card number, expiration date, the holder of personal data and other information.

Characters which can be encode:

  • track 1 (76 characters): 01234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ!@#$^&'()*+-=,./\<>_:;][ (space),
  • track 2 (37 characters): 0123456789:<=>,
  • track 3 (104 characters): 0123456789:<=>


Control characters:
;? - the start and the end of track 2 and 3
%? - the start and the end of track 1

Control characters can't be encoded inside of the track, for example:
12345;123 will encode only 123
12345?12345678 will encode only 12345

Some readers show control characters, some readers doesn't. So both readings ;12345? and 12 345 are correct.


In our offer you can find a few colours of magnetic stripe:

  • gold,
  • silver,
  • dark blue,
  • green,
  • brown,
  • black.