employee badges

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Employee badges

Employee badges allow the employee to be identified in a company or in an institution.
Personal badges help in a easy access to rooms, offices and production halls, where the time and access control system is installed.

Most often, these cards can be found in manufacturing companies, schools, offices, hospitals.

The plastic ID of an employee allows to:

  • registration of the employee’s working time,
  • easy and quick access to rooms,
  • option to block the card / remove it from the system,
  • easy storage (for example in a wallet) or in a special holder,
  • possibility of re-encoding information (assigning a new employee to an existing card),
  • personalized look of an employee card (photo, name and surname, card number),
  • magnetic card features in accordance with the ISO 7811 standard,
  • features of a proximity card in accordance with the ISO 14443 standard.

Employee badge is a carrier of information from the access control system. To work properly it must be equipped with at least one of the following elements:

  • LoCo or HiCo magnetic strip
  • Unique, Mifare or other proximity module
  • Barcode
  • QR code

Besides built-in proximity module, an applied and encoded magnetic stripe or a barcode / QR code, a card may also have personal data needed for visual identification.

Thus, on a plastic employee card we can find:

  • picture
  • first name and last name
  • title
  • the card number
  • signature stripe

We also offer transparent holders with a lanyard for employee badges, which will protect the card against any scratches during long-term use of the card by the employee.