discount cards

type – loyalty cards


Discount cards

Thanks to the rebate card, a customer receives a rebate or discount on selected products or services.

The scope of the rebate or discount program is determined by the card issuer. The amount of the rebate or discount may vary depending on the frequency of purchases or the amount spent by the customer.

A common solution is to offer customers several types of cards that correspond to the achieved rebate program thresholds.


  • first threshold: pearl card with 10% discount,
  • second threshold: silver card with 15% discount,
  • third threshold: gold card with 20% discount

A plastic discount card may contain various elements. The most common are:

The above options are needed to be able to enter the card into the system and may therefore require the use of additional devices: computers and readers.

VIP cards can be issued to customers in an exclusive package or with an attached welcome letter, which you will also find in our offer.

The rebate card is also an excellent business card of the company, an element increasing sales and a tool that performs reminders and encourages shopping.