discount cards

type – loyalty cards


Plastic discount cards

5, 10, 15% percent discount, access to special promotions or offers. Discount cards are a popular way for companies to retain customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases. By offering discounts and incentives, rebate programs create a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the company. Discount cards provide customers with discounts and benefits, and companies provide customer loyalty and increased sales.

Plastic discount card

Plastic discount cards play a key role in running discount programs. They are small, convenient, durable and serve as a tangible representation of the discounts and benefits companies offer.

Discount cards are elegant, convenient, and, above all, functional. These cards are usually equipped with a magnetic stripe, barcode, QR code, or simply a unique number, which allows easy confirmation of the cardholder’s identity. For companies, discount cards enable convenient implementation and management of discount programs, as well as tracking the use of these cards.

plastic discount cards with metallic print

Discount cards – main printing options

Among the many available options and possibilities for printing plastic cards, it is worth considering several specific printing options often used when producing discount cards:

  • Prints emphasizing the elegance of the cards. A discount card is also an excellent business card of the company, so it should look impressive. This can be achieved by making elegant embossed inscriptions, lacquered elements, metallic prints, covering the card with glossy or matte laminate.
  • Functional personalization. The simplest discount card is an ordinary plastic card with the discount value printed on it. Whoever shows such a card will receive a discount. Modern discount programs are usually more advanced. Cards can be equipped with elements that identify the customer who will use the received card. These elements may be barcode, QR code, magnetic stripe or in the simplest version – a unique number printed on the card. These elements contain information identifying the card and its owner, which is then read by a system installed in the company, e.g. a barcode or magnetic card reader.
  • Card security. Companies offering e.g. luxury goods may require that their discount cards be protected against counterfeiting. This can be done by printing on the card ‘secret’ UV prints or by equipping the card with hologram.

Additional options

Coloured PVC material
Other services
laser engraving
Laminate of plastic cards
Contact memory chip
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
Transparent material
Custom shape and size cards
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
Aroma (e.g. coffee)
NFC module
Customized plastic snap off card | 3 key chain tags
Hole (round, oval, euro hole)
Print visible in UV / IR
Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Metallic silkscreen
Scratch-off panel