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Gift cards with barcode

A gift card with a printed barcode allows you to quickly and easily read the data encoded in the code, identify the customer, and track his purchase history.

The card is activated when the seller scans the card for the first time and enters basic data into the system, i.e. the value of the gift card. In the case of an advanced IT system, the customer may be asked to provide simple data such as name, telephone number or e-mail address in order to be informed electronically about the remaining funds on the card or to log in to a dedicated online store website to verify the account balance.

Plastic gift card with a barcode

Types of barcodes

There are many types of barcodes, differing mainly in the capacity of information that can be encoded in them. The simplest and most frequently used barcode for a gift card is “code 128”. This type of code is supported by most scanners and allows you to encode any numbers and characters. This may be, for example, the number 03A8!&Z00001. This number may be printed under the code, but this is not necessary, it can be hidden. Printing the number allows the card to be operated without a code reader.

Numbering of cards with a barcode

You should not print consecutive ascending, descending or step numbering. This numbering method is easy to detect, which may result in attempts to forge gift cards and illegally put them into circulation. It is recommended to use randomly generated numbering. Additionally, a good way is to use an additional PIN under the scratch-off panel which serves as a code for the gift card, and protects it against counterfeiting.
There is no need to print the number under the barcode, it can be hidden, but it is not an effective security measure. With the help of widely available barcode reading applications installed on smartphones, anyone can read the information encoded in a barcode.

Plastic gift card with a barcode and in an envelope

Gift cards with packaging

For gift cards with a barcode, we also recommend printing media or packaging that will allow you to give the card as a gift without additional packaging. Nowadays, we can realize almost any idea. Gift card packaging can have a special shape, e.g., a shoe (for a shoe store), clothes (for a clothing store), or even the shape of a gift with a ribbon (a universal solution for all service and retail outlets).

When purchasing gift cards and carriers, we also offer a packaging service, i.e., gluing the cards or inserting them into packaging. Due to production time and price reduction, we recommend using two cutouts for the card corners in the packaging. Thanks to this, there is no need to glue the card to the carrier.

Here you can find additional information about barcodes. We also encourage you to explore a product that serves a similar function – a gift card with a magnetic stripe.

Additional options

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