warranty and service

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Plastic warranty and service cards

Warranty and service cards in the form of plastic cards can be an exclusive quality certificate and additional confirmation from the manufacturer that the product is original and made in accordance with high-quality standards.

Plastic warranty  card

Warranty cards

The addressees of this type of cards are primarily companies offering premium products, so adding warranty cards to your products increases their value in the eyes of the customer.

For this reason, warranty cards should also create a premium impression. The elegant appearance of the card can be achieved both with an appropriate card design and with additions made using special printing techniques. Convex selective varnish, metallic prints, matte laminate, and embossed inscriptions are often used as techniques to emphasize the elegance of the card and the products it represents.

Warranty cards issued for expensive products should also be protected against counterfeiting. Most often, this is done by equipping the card with a hologram or by printing special “invisible” characters on the cards with UV varnish.

Service cards

Another use of plastic cards is the so-called service cards, issued to customers to ensure, for example, product repair. In this case, service cards require elements that enable product and customer identification and tracking of card use.

These may include, for example, personalization elements such as a printed or embossed number, a barcode, a QR code, or a magnetic stripe. However, in the case of service cards, the most frequently used element is the signature strip, which allows for adding characters or signatures to the cards. Signature strips are made of a special varnish on which you can write, for example, with a ballpoint pen. They can have different shapes, not just a strip, or there can be several stripes. The strip is constructed in such a way that signatures or marks cannot be removed without visibly damaging the strip.

Plastic service and warranty cards provide convenience and additional value for customers. Warranty cards give you peace of mind by confirming your product warranty and providing after-sales support. Cards of this type are widely used in various industries to build customer loyalty and ensure the high quality of their products.

Additional options

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Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
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Spot / selective varnish, glossy or matte
NFC module
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Transparent material
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Other services
Panel for a signature / signature strip
Contactless chip (Unique, Mifare and more)
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Magnetic HiCo/LoCo stripe
Print visible in UV / IR