warranty and service

type – loyalty cards


Warranty and service cards

Warranty and service cards in the form of plastic cards are currently functional,
useful and the most modern solution for companies that care about the highest quality of their products.

The plastic warranty card can be an exclusive quality certificate and, additionally, a manufacturer’s statement that the product is original and has been made to the highest standards.

The addressee of this type of cards are primarily companies offering premium products, which is why adding warranty cards to goods automatically subjectively increases their value in the eyes of the customer.

The graphic design of the plastic quality certificate does not need special guidelines. The background can be uniform, it is important that the company logo appears with a simple message, e.g. This card guarantees the originality of the product. On the back of the card, we recommend that you add information that will allow you to quickly contact the customer service office, e.g. phone number, email address and ensure that the company will be grateful for any opinions on the use of the product. In this way, the manufacturer emphasizes his credibility and readiness to accept comments.

The warranty card can be used with many decorations, e.g. metallic glitter background, selective varnish for the logo, as well as a hologram that will protect the card against counterfeiting. As a manufacturer of warranty cards, we are happy to advise you on the selection of accessories.

Manufacturer of plastic warranty cards / confirming the originality of the product

The second idea is service cards issued to customers to ensure that the product can be repaired. These cards also have the function of building loyalty.

As an example, we will use an optician – a typical salon with glasses and ophthalmic services.

The service card may appear here as an addition to the purchase of prescription glasses. It enables free ophthalmological consultations once a year for a specified period of time, as well as one-time glasses repair, e.g. in the case of a broken frame due to a fall.

When designing a service card, we recommend extracting empty spaces for entering the date of purchase, date of repair and marking used control visits. After applying a special coating (the so-called signature stripe), the seller will be able to use a regular pen to fill in selected places in the graphic.

Of course, every industry has different possibilities, but the principle is the same. If as a company you offer products and their servicing, repair, replacement or other related services, you can use the service card for additional promotion while building a positive image.

In this case, the above-mentioned plastic cards also act as a business card of the company, thanks to which the customer can easily store contact details of a service technician and guarantor.