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Plastic embossed business cards

Business cards with embossed data have raised letters, similar to the card number on bank cards. These prints, covered with silver or gold foil, give the business card a prestigious effect, similar to e.g. “golden credit cards”.

Historically, embossing numbers and personal data on credit cards was necessary because during payment, a copy of the card had to be made by printing it on an appropriate document using carbon paper. This was the case many years ago, now the data embossed on the card fulfills a mainly decorative function, adding a clear and literally tangible elegance to the card.

Plastic business cards with embossed data

Embossing data on business cards – technical aspects

Embossing data on business cards has many limitations. Unlike printing, you cannot emboss any characters on the card. You can emboss only numbers, letters, punctuation and some symbols.

Embossed business cards are most often embossed with name and / or numbers. Two font sizes can be used for numbers: large and small, while only one font can be used for letters and some punctuation marks – small.

The embossing process is followed by the so-called topping, i.e. applying metallic foil on the protrusions. Available foil colors are gold, silver, black and white. The data on the business card can be covered in only one color.

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Personalization of business cards with data embossing

Although data embossing on business cards has the characteristics of decoration, the main function of data embossing is the personalization of plastic cards and business cards. Personalization means that each business card can have different data embossed on it. Here are some examples of using embossing personalization on business cards:

  • your data – name, surname, telephone number will be fixed, but you can additionally emboss, e.g. a variable number. A unique number embossed on the business card can be used, for example, as a login number to your website, so you can track whether your business cards are being used,
  • a company that orders business cards for its employees can emboss their employees’ data on them,
  • to encourage people gifted with a business card to visit your website, its address can be highlighted by embossing, and the address, e.g. its ending, can be variable.

These are just examples of situations in which business card personalization using embossing can be used. Such personalization can be done on each business card, or in series, e.g. you can order 1,000 business cards, but series of 100 will have slightly different data.

More information about embossing data on plastic cards can be found here. However, embossing data is just one of the decorative options that can be used to decorate business cards. Convex varnish, metallic prints or making business cards on colored or transparent material are also frequently used methods to make business cards more attractive.
If you already have an idea for a business card design with embossed data, contact us to discuss the technical aspects of printing such business cards, or use the quote form to obtain the initial cost of their implementation.

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