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Large family card / family 3+

The large family card (or “Family 3+” card) is an element of the pro-family policy of cities and communes. Thanks to it, large families have the opportunity to benefit from a system of discounts, reliefs and many rights in areas such as public transport, culture and entertainment, sports, recreation, gastronomy, shops and services.

The Large Family Card has many benefits. Among other things, it entitles you to many discounts at public institutions and private establishments. Plastic family 3+ cards are ordered mainly by city and commune offices. However, some shopping centers introduce a loyalty card addressed to large families.

Large family cards – printing options

The basic plastic family card has a format of 86×54 mm and rounded corners. Blank spaces are most often left on the back of the card where you can print family members’ details during the card personalization process.

Alternatively, empty fields can be covered with a special coating that allows writing with a pen or marker – this coating is the so-called signature bar.

A sample specification of a plastic card for a large family may look like this:

  • material: white PVC
  • format: 86×54 mm (CR-80),
  • thickness: 0.76 mm (760 microns),
  • offset printing, full color CMYK (or black and white)
  • signature bar.

Plastic card for a large family

Large family cards – personalization options

Card personalization means printing the personal data of people who will use a given card on the cards. Card personalization can be done in many ways:

  • Card with a signature strip.
    In the simplest option, a large family card may have only a signature strip – one or several stripes. In this way, the card-issuing organization can personalize the card itself by manually writing the data on the card.
  • The card is for individual personalization.
    Organizations with their own card printers can perform personalization on their own. The cards we produce are suitable for personalization on thermal transfer printers such as Evolis, Zebra, Datacard. In this case, on the ordered cards, it is enough to leave blank fields in the design for printing the data later.
  • Personalization during production.
    When you order cards from us, you can receive them fully ready – with high-quality offset printing in full CMYK colors and ready personalization. For this purpose, along with the graphic design of the cards, personal data that should be printed on the cards should also be sent. Such data is usually sent in the form of a simple spreadsheet database. When completing the database, it is worth remembering to choose the appropriate font for personalization and to allocate the appropriate amount of space in the graphic design in the field intended for printing the name and surname.

We cordially invite local governments and companies willing to offer their cards to large families to cooperate with us. Before placing an order, please contact us and, if necessary, send quotation form to find out the approximate cost of making such cards. In the “Files for download” section, we have prepared ready-made templates and specifications useful when preparing a card design.

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