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Plastic season tickets / badges / passes

Practical and convenient tickets in the form of plastic cards are currently the most frequently used solution in public transport, museums, theaters and cinemas.

Entrance tickets in the form of plastic cards

Th e most common solution for monthly tickets in agglomerations and larger cities is contactless electronic cards based on the Mifare RFID module. This module is a micro-electronic circuit built into the card, that communicates with readers via radio waves. The MiFARE tag allows reading and writing, has a fairly large memory, and has sufficiently good security. MiFARE Tag comes in many versions: Classic, Ultralight, DESFire, and Plus, which differ mainly in memory capacity and security measures used. The tag for the plastic ticket/pass should be selected according to the existing or planned contactless system.

It is also worth mentioning that electronic city cards are often integrated – that they can be simultaneously student ID cards.

Sample ticket specification in the form of a plastic card:

  • material: white PVC,
  • format: 86×54 mm (CR-80),
  • thickness: 0.76 mm (760 microns),
  • offset printing, full CMYK color,
  • selected RFID module.

Plastic card - city ticket

Plastic entrance tickets – additional printing options

In addition to the standard size, CMYK print and RFID radio module, a plastic ticket may require additional elements or prints. These may include:

  • personalization. In the case of plastic tickets, the main personalization is programmed in the MIFARE module. However, such a ticket may require additional external personalization. It can be done when ordering cards by sending a list of data along with the order. You can also make it yourself, using your plastic card printer. Or it can be done “manually” by equipping the cards with signature strip – a special field on the card where you can place a permanent signature.
  • security. Due to the high monetary value of tickets, it is recommended to use additional security for all tickets and city cards to prevent counterfeiting of such cards.
    Depending on the requirements, the ticket or pass can be secured using simple or advanced methods. MIFARE tag already has appropriate security, but the entire ticket can be additionally secured with special prints. Offset printing, which we use to print on cards, is a very high-quality print that allows you to print the so-called microprint – very small text visible under strong magnification, or guilloche – a pattern that is difficult to reproduce and consists of various combinations of curved lines. Often used security methods include printing “invisible” characters with special UV varnish (UV signs are visible only in ultraviolet light) or printing/sticking a hologram.

Simple and functional, or exclusive and secured. The ticket can fulfill its main function while also being an attractive showcase of the city. We invite you to cooperate – we handle orders ranging from 200 to hundreds of thousands of cards, and thanks to many years of experience in card production, we are able to advise and choose appropriate solutions. Please contact contact and, if necessary, send quote form to find out the approximate cost of making plastic tickets.

Additional options

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Panel for a signature / signature strip
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Eco-friendly material – recycled and recyclable
Scratch-off panel
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Transparent material
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Aroma (e.g. coffee)
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