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Matte plastic business cards

They have a serious, distinguished and elegant appearance. Matte business cards owe this appearance to a special lamination method, which gives the business cards this effect and at the same time protects them against damage.

Plastic cards are typically coated with lamination. Lamination protects the business card print against abrasion and fading, making it more durable and resistant to damage. In the basic version, glossy lamination is used to laminate business cards. Other forms of lamination are also available: matt smooth and matt rough. These are the they just add the titular matte effect to the business card.

Plastic business cards with glossy laminate

Glossy laminated business cards (glossy business cards)

This type of lamination is most often used when the business card design is multi-colored. Glossy lamination enhances and sharpens the colors, optically adding depth to the business card.

Glossy lamination is also recommended when business cards have metallic/glitter prints or the entire backing is made this way. Then particles of gold, silver or pearls sparkle more strongly and clearly. Here you will find more information about glitter business cards.

Plastic business cards with matte lamination

Business cards with smooth matte lamination (matte business cards)

Matte smooth lamination is the second most common type of finishing. This type of lamination is the best choice when the business card design is uniform and dark in color.

The matte, smooth finish of the business card guarantees protection of the design and gives the business card that matte, serious and exclusive look. Additionally, elements printed with convex selective gloss varnish will look great on this type of lamination. Here you will find more information about varnish prints.

However, please remember that matte lamination absorbs light and dims colors, so in the case of colorful graphic designs, we recommend the previously mentioned glossy lamination.

Plastic business cards with rugged  matte lamination

Business cards with rugged matte lamination

The last option of printing refinement is reserved primarily for business cards that do not need other decoration options after the lamination stage, e.g. varnish or hot foiling (hotstamping). These options are impossible to implement due to the uneven surface structure of the plastic card. Rough lamination is quite rare and is therefore still truly unique, resembling a rough varnish in the end.

Here you will find full information about types of lamination. Also read about other decorative printing methods that go perfectly with matte lamination – selective varnish and metallic prints. Contact us to discuss the technical aspects of printing met business cards in combination with other options, or use quote form to obtain the approximate cost of producing such business cards.

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