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Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards available in stores are increasingly popular, especially during the holiday season. The market of gift cards is becoming more and more popular, because of the flexibility of choosing the right gift.

Gift Card is mostly a laminated plastic card with printing with a value that you can pay in a shop instead of real money. The range of amounts as well as places where we can realize the card sets card issuer
Another value printed on the card is service, for example care service in the beauty/hair salon.

In addition the gift card can be attached to the paper welcome letter with guidelines and terms and conditions of use.



The advantages of gift cards implementation:

✔ Plus for undecided customers, it is easier to give a gift card so that the recipient chooses the best gift for himself.

✔ In the case of a return of the product, the return can only take place on the gift card, so that the customer can shop again.

✔ If the validity period of the gift card has passed and the customer does not fully use (or partially) the value for which he purchased the card, then this amount is an extra profit for the store.

✔ Gift cards are useful for contests in which the prize will prompt the customer to visit the store.

Gift card can contain different elements. Most often it is a magnetic stripe, barcode or/and embossed number. The use of some of the options may require the use of additional devices: computers, readers, printers.


Gift Card does not have to be boring! In our offer there are many kinds of ornaments, like spot uv varnish or glittering background.


Below is an example of a gift card in a paper packaging. The set can also be put in an envelope.


Karta podarunkowa z opakowaniem w kopercie


Specification of a standard gift card:

material: PVC white (check other colours)

size: 86x54 mm (CR-80)

thickness: 0,76 mm (760 micron)

offset printing, full colour CMYK*

glossy or mat lamination (more info here).


*CMYK refersto the four inks used in offset printing: CyanMagentaYellowBlack.

Gift Cards

Gift cards with barcode / numbering

We produce laminated plastic gift cards that can be equipped in a barcode and/or variable numbering.


More about the bar code can be read here.

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Gift cards with barcode / numbering

Gift cards with magnetic stripe LoCo/HiCo

Laminated plastic gift cards are main part of loyalty system.They can work if they are equipped in a encoded magnetic stripe.


More about magnetic stripe encoding and can be read here.

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Gift cards with magnetic stripe LoCo/HiCo

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